Persian Cat, Know the Most Popular Cat Breeds Around the World Including Indonesia

Persian Cat, The Most Popular Cat Breed

Who doesn’t know any of these cat breeds? A breed of cats of Persian origin or known as Persian cats. This breed is one of the most popular cat breeds around the world including Indonesia. Many people choose this cat to be a pet.

In addition to its cute appearance, the gentle, friendly and submissive nature that this cat has becomes a reason for a person to keep it. Let’s get up close and personal with this Persian cat before keeping it!


Persian cat belong to the group of old breed cats that originated in Persia where the current era is better known as turkey and Iran. It is mentioned that there was an Italian nobleman in the 17th century brought this long-haired cat to Europe and introduced him as a Turkish anggora cat. Then after interbreeding with other breeds, the cat was registered in England as a Persian breed.

Since the late 19th century, cats of this breed have been developed in the United Kingdom and the United States after World War II. In Britain, it is called a long-haired cat. By the end of the 19th century, breeding and cat contests were becoming increasingly popular.

Through selective breeding, cat lovers finally began to form Persian cats to have the appearance they are today. Originally had shiny grey fur, it can now be found in a variety of colors.

In the United States, it was first imported in the late 19th century and instantly became everyone’s favorite cat to date. Even in Indonesia, so is it.

Characteristics and properties of persian cat

Characteristics and properties of persian cats

Persian cats belong to the breed of domestic cats that have long fur. In general, this cat has the characteristics of a fat, large and tambun body shape. In addition, another characteristic is the round shape of his face and snout nose. If observed from the side, starting from the forehead, nose, and chin look flat.

In addition to having the characteristic shape of the body and face, this cat that can survive 10 to 15 years has a calm, gentle, friendly, submissive, and unfly nature. In addition, another trait that this cat has is spoiled to its owner.

Persian cat care

Persian cat care

Persian cats are among the animals that need special care, should not be careless. This is because Persia is a type of animal that is easily stressed if it is in a chaotic and noisy environment. Therefore, when deciding to keep it, try to place the cat in a comfortable and safe environment such as in a room containing toys to keep the cat active.

In addition, bathe the cat regularly and comb it to keep its fur smooth so that the cat always looks cute.

Speaking of its own food, persian cats cannot be given food indiscriminately. Although it includes carnivorous animals, it also requires an intake of fats, amino acids and vitamins. Not only that, this cat also needs four times more protein intake.

To ensure that your cat gets the right intake of nutrients, feeding them should be based on their age and meet the needs of 41 essential nutrients. In addition, special food is added that can meet the needs of 3 times their mealtimes.

Types of Persian cat

In Indonesia, there are four types of Persian cat that have their own characteristics, including the following:

Persian Flatnose

Flatnose Persian cat
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Persian Flatnose is a type with a characteristic nose that is pesek. The size of his nose is even small so it almost looks parallel to his eyes. In addition, another feature of this breed of cats is the slightly boxy shape of its head with tembam-looking cheeks. Then the size of his ears is small tapered.

Have a fat body and look short. This is because persian legs are medium in size which is not too long or not too short. For its own nature, Persian Flatnose is very active. This type likes to jump, climb, and play with the objects around it.

Persian medium

Persian medium
Medium Persian cat

Medium Persian cats are a type of Persian cat that has a standard body size. Characteristic of this breed lies in its densest fur among other types. Persian face shape of this medium is arguably different from other persian types. The nose is not too pesek and the shape of the muzzle is more pointed.

Compared to others, persian medium has a long leg shape. This type is distinguished by two types of fur, namely short and long fur. For medium Persian with long fur requires extra care to keep the fur soft and maintained.

Persian Peaknose

Persian Peaknose

The Persian cat Peaknose is a type that has a very snooze nose. Although it looks similar to Flatnose, peaknose’s nose is smaller, flatter, and very pesek. The body shape of this breed of cats is much fatter than others.

Persian Peaknose is distinguished into two namely Persian Peaknose and Persian Extreme Peaknose. The difference between the two lies in his nose. For Persia Peaknose, the shape of the nose is pesek, while for Persian Extreme Peaknose has a more pesek nose shape than the usual Peaknose.

In Indonesia, Persia Peaknose is often included in cat contests so persian species can be said to be very popular. Although pesek, but Persia Peaknose has a high selling price compared to others. For adult sizes, Peaknose can be priced up to twelve million.

Persian Himalayas

Persian Himalayas

The next persian type was the Himalayas. The characteristic of This Himalayan Persian lies in its feathers that have a colorpoint pattern. This is because this breed of cat is the result of a cross between the native Persian and the Siamese cat.

It is called Colorpoint because the face, ears, nose, tail, and toes are black or dark brown, while other parts of the body such as fur are light brown or white.

For the shape of his nose, this Himalayan Persian has a nose that is not very pesek. The fur is also long and thick. The body shape is also larger than other Persian types with a weight can reach 4 to 6 kg. Size of his legs is short.

Four types of cats above are persian breeds in Indonesia. In the United States there is also a persian type. The Persian type of the United States is as follows:

Exotic Persian

Exotic Persian

Exotic Persians or known as exotic short-haired cat are a breed of American origin. This type is the result of a cross of the Persian race with the American short feather race. Not only short-haired, this exotic Persian is also there that is long hairy.

However, exotic Persian long feathers are not recognized by the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), but recognized by the TICA (The International Cat Association) for having fulfilled the persian breed group so the association included an exotic Persian name on the persian cat breed section.

This type of persian has a short body, large shoulders and strong muscles. The shape of his own face is round and large with a wide forehead, plump cheeks and strong jaws. The nature of the cat is calm, graceful, agile and active. This breed includes cats that do not like to be alone and like to be near their owners.

Now that’s a review of the origin, characteristics and properties, treatments to the types. With the above reviews can certainly provide knowledge for those of you who want to make this cat as a pet. How interested in trying?


Kucing Persia Berasal dari Negara?

Ras kucing yang berasal dari Persia, dimana era sekarang lebih dikenal dengan negara Turki dan Iran.

Ciri ciri Kucing Persia?

kucing ini memiliki ciri berbulu panjang juga lebat, bentuk tubuh yang gemuk, besar dan tambun.

Cara Merawat kucing persia?

Kucing ini termasuk kucing yang membutuhkan perawatan khusus, tidak boleh sembarangan.

Jenis Kucing Persia?

Di Indonesia, ada empat jenis Persia yang memiliki ciri khas tersendiri, diantaranya Persia Flatnose, Persia medium, Persia Peaknose, Persia Himalaya, dan Persia eksotis.

Berapa Harga Kucing Persia?

Harga kucing Persia mulai dari harga 500Rb sampai puluhan juta. 

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