Persian Himalayan Cat, Here’s How To Tell The Difference

Himalayan Persian Cat

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Himalayan Cat (Himalayan Cat/Himmie) is a type of longhair cat that is the same type as a Persian cat. what distinguishes only the himalayan cat’s eye color is blue and sometimes turns red depending on the light of the surrounding area as well as from the level of emotion he has. One of the other characteristics is the color of the point which many suspect is the result of a derivative of the mixture of persian cats with siamese cats. Cats with point color patterns are thought to have existed hundreds of years on earth, but for the Persian cat breed this colourpoint was only known to be common in Europe around the 1950s.

Now that this Himalayan Persian Cat is one of the most popular cat breeds on earth, this Himalayan Cat has many fans and some of them do love the unique fur color and eye color of this himalayan cat that distinguishes from the breed of persian cats generally. The Himalayan name itself is thought to be given to persian cats with this point color because it has similar color variations to animals that exist or originate in the Himalayan region, such as himalayan rabbits for example. Meanwhile, himalayan cats are included in their own classes and separated from other Persian cat breeds, but they remain in grouping with persian cat breeds and exotic cat breeds into the standardization of Persian Cats in general.

While Cat Fancier’s Association has its own view that the Himalayas are just a color variation of the common Persian Cat Breed rather than having to be a class of its own, although at the time of the contest or performance of persian cats, this himalayan competes in its own color division compared to other persian cats.

Common Characteristics of Himalayan Persian Cat Body Anatomy:

Persian Himalayan Cat Red Poimt
Persian Himalayan Cat Red Poimt

It has a Cobby/round bantet body shape, with short legs that make most of these Himalayan persian cats difficult to jump high (although some have a body shape that tends to siamese cats and has high jumping ability), Himalayan cat face shape as well as Persian, divided into two traditional/faced Doll Himalayan (medium if by indonesian) and Pekefaced / Peaknose Himalayan.

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Himalayan Cat Color Type :

1. Blue Point: The color of the cat’s fur that has a blue/gray color around the ears, legs, tail or on the front part of the face / face mask.

2. Lilac Point: The color of the cat’s fur has a similar color to that of a himalayan blue point cat but with a lighter white brightness and a blue/gray color that is more faded/diluted than the blue point.

3. Seal Point: The color of the cat’s fur that has a dark brown pattern around the ears, legs, tail or part of the front face / face mask.

4. Chocolate Point: Similar to Seal point but has a white color on the body that is lighter and brown color on the fur that is younger than seal point. the distinguishing point on seal point is on the sole of the foot, if the color of the sole of the foot is young red /pink then it is inserted as a chocopoint while sealpoint has a darker palm color/tends to be brown-black.

5. Red /Flame Point: The color of the cat’s fur that has a red/red/orange color around the ears, legs, tail or part of its face.

6. Cream Point: Similar to flame / red point then this cream point is also a color pattern point that has a slightly reddish feather pattern with a white color on the body that is brighter, cleaner and brighter. The difference with red point is that this cream point has a red/orange color that is as easy as cream.

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