Personality Types by Blood Type

Personality Types by Blood Type

Human blood group is divided into four, namely O, A, B and AB. Based on this blood type, we can judge a person’spersonality or character. Even in some countries, there are people who believe blood type has defined a person’s career since he was born. Here’s a discussion of a person’s personality related to his blood type.

Blood Type O Personality

People who have blood type O, have the most flexible character or personality compared to other blood types. This causes this type of blood to be said to be the most able to survive under any circumstances.

People of this type of blood often do not have a strong desire for a goal, this is due to the vagueness of their purpose. If they already have a chance/desire for their purpose, the person with the O blood type will try to achieve this by giving all his abilities.

Blood type O is said to have an open, energetic, and social character but they find it difficult to accept people they are new to their friendship. They also like to be the center of attention and they are liked for their honesty and confidence.

This type of blood type O is considered to be the best type of blood in some countries, such as Japan. Although some say that O blood type is a blood type with a sensitive temperament, likes to follow people and is not opinionated, they are also said to be the type of blood that has the greatest leadership traits.

Properties of Blood Group A

Type A blood type if asked to do a job, they will go to great lengths to finish the job neatly and well. People are satisfied with their work because of the A-type characters who are calm, patient, responsible and always plan things.

People of type A’s are usually shy and don’t like to be in the crowd, but they are polite and responsible. This is because they are always serious people, sensitive enough, and difficult to adapt to rapid changes.

People with blood type A are perfectionists in their work, and also artistic. They are always careful in their work so that nothing goes wrong, planning everything before doing something.

Personality Of Blood Type B

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Type B blood type don’t like to be in a situation where they have to do something they don’t do or they know they’re going to lose. Because of this, they have always been specialists in their work, but they are less able to work together.

People of blood group B are said to like to underestimate the situation so that they are always relaxed. They also don’t like the rules that bind them, and they always do what they want. Although they always speak openly without thinking about others, they are favored by this ‘outspoken’ nature.

Although they take other people’s feelings into account, they are a trustworthy blood type in a relationship.

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Ab Blood Type Personality

People of type AB blood type are said to have their own world space and they do not like if anyone enters into it. They are the most unpredictable and ever-changing blood type depending on their mood.

On the other hand, people of AB blood type are said to be very responsible and trustworthy. This may be due to AB’s blood which is always rational and likes to analyze something.

In relation, people with ab blood type is very good at criticizing someone openly, this can be diseased but also build someone. They think they’re superior to each other, but they’re very admirable in negotiating.

Ab blood type, said to be the worst blood type in Japan because they like to do their job in their own way and like to run away from problems. Even in corporate working groups, people don’t like working with them. This may be due to their unpredictable personality, but if someone already knows them better they are a very responsible person.

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