3 Meaningful Life Philosophies You Must Always Remember

philosophy of life is meaningful, important to remember!

When it comes to life, the answer will be complex. Both from the human side with his character and in terms of his problems. However, the journey through life will surely be invaluable. There are many meaningful philosophies of life that you end up picking yourself.

Everyone must be in trouble. One problem solved, another problem arose. Because, that’s life, the contradiction of the problem. However, everyone who wants to succeed never stops there.

They will continue to fight even if they know tomorrow is more difficult. Well, for that, here’s a meaningful philosophy of life that you must always remember. This series of meanings will mean a lot in your struggle, note yes!

If you don’t ask, the answer will always say “no”

In life, we are often ambushed by questions. Even those questions can seem strange in the eyes of others. However, we don’t care too much because our curiosity is greater.

Everyone who manages to dig deep, he’s the one who’s going to find the key. People like this tend to always want to learn and never feel enough in terms of knowledge.

However, the attitude of always wanting to learn is sometimes forgotten. In fact, it is as simple as asking questions we are often reluctant. This way of thinking, first you have to know that other people can’t read your mind.

It is not an eye game that can read the heart’s content, but indeed human beings can not read the contents of other people’s minds. So, when you need anything, express your mind. Next you’ll get a “yes” or “no” reaction.

It’s better than just shut up. Silent people tend to have a “no” answer. As a result, the people around you never know what you want. In the meantime, you have an opinion on everything.

Well try to always ask yes! Take it easy, you don’t always have to have a good argument. Asking a small question to just know the opinions of others is already one step ahead.

If you don’t want to move forward, you’ll always be in the same place

Simply put, when you walk you must be moving forward. On the contrary, when you shut up you don’t make any displacements. Now this is a philosophy of meaningful life that we sometimes forget.

The progress of your life depends on yourself. If you’re willing to move forward, then you can definitely move forward. Because, all your actions are influenced by your awareness in taking a stand.

If you don’t want to try to move forward, you’ll stay put forever. As is often referred to as the “comfort zone” of people who have been entangled in the zone is very difficult to move.

He wanted his life to be safe until he refused to leave the zone. However, all consequences will be obtained. It’s entirely up to you. While others can only support you from the side and back.

Besides being a friend who often accompanies you to come forward. As for supporting from behind are those who always help prayer for you to succeed. Now those of you who have support must fight for yourself and others you love!

If you don’t chase what you want, you won’t have it

Before discussing this, we must first agree that success is not a legacy. The philosophy of meaningful life that we sometimes forget is to assume that someone will give us help. In fact, everything depends on our efforts.

How long do you still expect gifts from others? Wait a minute, does anyone really care about you? If the family might be because they’re the people closest to you.

However, have you certainly heard that gifts from families are often associated with previllege? The privilege seems to be less recognized as a pure helper of success.

However, it is not wrong if you always rely on it. It’s not about the wealth or the position of your parents. It is about all the grace of God to give favors to gather with the family with gratitude. Actually, that’s the simplest previllege.

Eits wait, life is not that simple, you will be thrown into the outside world and demanded to be able to survive on your own. That is, no one will ever help you. That is, if you don’t pursue what you want, you’ll never have it.

If you really want something, keep fighting and trying to get it. Don’t just wait for someone else’s gift. Or waiting for the mercy of someone I don’t know.

After struggling, don’t forget to pray. And allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. So, never underestimate the power of prayer yes guys.


How do you think these three meaningful philosophies of life? It’s simple but sometimes we forget it, don’t we? In fact, sure there is no human being in this world who does not want to succeed. It means that all of them will want to live prosperously.

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Therefore, in fighting, never fear rejection and failure. Keep trying if it fails many times. You never know what experiment you’re going to make. If you stop in the middle of the road, not necessarily you can reach success according to the numbers.

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Spend your failed rations while you’re young. Because in life, nothing is gained without struggle and learning. Happy processing!

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