Physical and Personality Traits of Bengal Cats, Bobcat Breeds at Fantastic Prices

Physical and Personality Traits of Bengal Cats, Bobcat Breeds

Various types of cats are scattered around the world, one of them bengal cats that come from the United States with a characteristic pattern of leopards on their bodies like leopards.

Although it has a leopard-like body tone, its body size is very different. Not only that, but the personality of this cat is not the same as that of a leopard.

What are the characteristics and personalities of this famously rare cat? is it the same as other popular breeds of cats? Curious? let’s take a good look at the review below. But before that, it would be nice to know about bengal cats first.

Bengal Cat at a Glance

Bengal cats are a breed of cats originating in California, United States. The name bengal is taken from latin, Leopard cat which is felinebengalenis. In general it is often known as Bengal tiger paint.

These cats include bobcats which are born from a cross between an American Shorthair cat and an asian leopard. dr. Centerwall was the pioneer of the birth of this breed of cats. Initially, she wanted to get a new domestic cat with a spotted wild cat pattern from crossbreeding.

This cross starts from mating an American Shorthair cat with an asian leopard cat. The female child was later remarried to her father. From this marriage, a breed of bengal cats was born.

Physical features of bengal cats

Size and weight

bengal cat

Bengal cats have a large and dashing body size with a long tail. The size is derived from its ancestor, the feral cat.

In general, this cat has an ideal weight. However, the weight of males and females is very different. For adult male bengals, the average weight reaches 10 kilograms, while for females it has an average weight of 4 – 5 kilograms.

Head shape

The shape of the cat's head

Head of a bengal cat is large and slightly long, but looks smaller than its body. The cat has a large, muscular neck that looks balanced with the size of its head. Shape of the nose is large and wide. Ears are pointed upwards and the wide eyes are green or amber.

Fur color

Fur color
Bengal cats and leopards

Although bengal cat hair is not as long as persian or anggoracats, it is very soft and thick. The color pattern of this cat is dominated by brown or cinnamon with a little black color.

A distinctive feature of this cat lies in the spotted pattern or brown and black color spots that spread throughout the body. The pattern makes bengal cats similar to leopards. On the shoulder there is a horizontal black line and also a lingaran resembling a dark vercolor ring on the tail.

Bengal cat personality

bengal paint

Bengal cats are active and exploratory cats. He loved climbing things like trees or ceilings of houses. This cat is one of the cats with a high level of intelligence compared to other breeds.

Usually cats often avoid water, but it is the case with this one cat. This American cat loves water.

Although classified as a bobcat, this cat with another name Blacan is very compassionate and easy to get along with other animals. These cats are also very sensitive to stimuli so it is easy to train.

Now that’s a review of the physical traits and personalities of bengal cats. Although this cat is not long-haired, it requires special care especially on its fur. Try to comb it regularly using a smooth brush.

If you are interested in keeping a cat similar to this leopard, prepare a large fund yes. This is because this cat is rare so the price is quite high around 10-40 million. About interested in buying it?

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