Unique and Expensive Rabbit Pictures

Rabbit Pictures

Rabbit pictures with expensive prices are the target of everyone, especially if you as a breeder, certainly in cultivating this type of rabbit will provide its own advantages and turnover of profit generated will also rise sharply.

Indeed to do cultivation and rabbit livestock can be said to be relatively easy for those of you who already know the techniques and ways, for you as a beginner, may experience confusion to do rabbit livestock, because the science class you have not mastered up to one hundred percent.

If only relying on the theory, then it can be said if not completely true, there is no best way than to jump directly to start this rabbit livestock starting from scratch.later we will know independently the symptoms, diseases and procedures of proper care so that rabbits produce superior quality.

Rabbit Pictures

According to the title of the article above, this time Lopers will give some pictures of rabbits that can later be used as an afterthought for you yes who knows there is also an intention to buy and cultivate at looking at this picture, then it can be used as a benchmark before determining the choice of a type of rabbit.

Then the best step that you have to do by doing some experiments yourself that will later be known techniques and how to properly raise rabbits with the experience that you have done. Below are pictures of the breed of rabbits;

Rabbit Pictures
Rabbit Pictures

Reference the picture of rabbits above, whether lopers have obtained the type of rabbit as well as the shape and model as desired. If it is, then the next stage to look in the market, a lot of rabbit sellers in the market with uniqueness according to the picture.


Before you start for rabbit livestock, it is necessary to know, the main requirement for your livestock to succeed and rabbits avoid death is to pay attention to the cleanliness of the cage and the location you use for livestock. Rabbits are very suitable if placed in a cool and dry location, not too hot and rarely there is a direct gust of wind.

To avoid death due to the cold weather, the location of the cage you use to keep rabbits should be tight. If necessary fence with zinc or tarpaulin so that the wind that blows does not directly pierce into the rabbit bone. Especially if it is night time and during the rainy season, this is necessary for us to do.

Given the many complaints for pera breeders if the main factor of rabbit death is caused by cold and weather. In addition, environmental factors are less clean and easy to invite the arrival of various types of diseases and bekteri. This is the main factor of death in rabbits. Not infrequently, if one rabbit has already been exposed, it will spread to other rabbits, even one cage can run out of nothing left.

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If you want to succeed in breeding and cultivating rabbits, then pay attention to the factors mentioned above. That is actually the key to success in doing rabbit farming.

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