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The year 2021 is soon over and changing, so it is time to make a better 2022 resolution than the previous year. We all know and agree that 2021 was a tough year for some people. A lot of those plans ultimately failed to be done even some of those thingshad to be canceled.

Everything that has happened in 2021 should be a lesson and you will no longer do in 2022. Are you the one who always has plans for the year to be welcomed? Perhaps writing a resolution is an answer to realizing your wishes in years to come.

Sometimes writing your notes can be a reminder to help us stay on your goals. Before you create that record, it must first look at the things that have happened in the previous year. This is useful for revolutionizing whether you’ve processed or not and how far that process has gone.

Once we can assess the process we’ve gone through it gets to this point. So the next step is to write down the expectations that want to be done the following year. There are several ways that we can apply in making new resolutions.

Self-Reflection, Key to Resolution 2022

Self-Reflection, The Key to Resolution 2021
Self-Reflection, Key to Resolution 2022

After going through a difficult time in 2021. You’ll want to rush to see what you need to do next. However, there is no need to be too hasty in making decisions.

The solution you can do is to take a breath and remember what happened yesterday, and what has not been fulfilled. Take a minute to see yourself, haven’t you processed so far? Although many plans even resolutions are not reached but does not mean you do not process it does not?

In 2021 we don’t expect that there will be a condition where things turn 180 degrees. This pandemic condition certainly makes you have to repeat the plan that was delayed in the last year.

For that, though exhausting. You have to take lessons from the past. Take a moment to look inside you. You should be able to more easily adapt to the situation and flexibel with yourself. That’s the key to the 2022 resolution to be better than 2021.

Because the best way to keep going on your resolution plan is to be patient with yourself and focus on what you want to pursue.

Setting Goals Even If Only Small

Goal 2022
Setting Goals Even If Only Small

Before you finally set a goal in the 2022 resolution that has not been implemented last year. It is good to reach a resolution with a small plan or goal. Take a small plan or goal that you could otherwise manage properly.

One social worker said that if you have a big goal but don’t divide you into small step parts, then you would think that goal would be very difficult to achieve.

Examples such as when you want to be a good student, graduate with perfect grades and finally be able to get into your city’s famous universities. So the small step that you have to prepare is to set sleep patterns, learning patterns and strong intentions. If you have been able to arrange these three things then to get the goal of qualifying at a re renowned university in your city is no longer a difficult step.

Therefore, the first thing you have to do before making a big resolution is to create a small resolution. This aims to make you more focused on your dreams. A resolution with good and correct steps will make your move easier to achieve your goals in the previous year.

Writing Your Own 2022 Resolution

Writing a resolution will be able to keep us motivated to make it happen in the coming year. One expert said that sometimes the writing that we make well, can be a reminder when we see it again, it is able to make us fully responsible with the purpose of life and ourselves.

You can start by creating small, simple notes that read motivational sentences to make you more motivated to live your life

When you want to put those little notes, don’t forget to pay attention to where you can do them. Make sure the calendar or place you want to make a reminder is useful later on and you see it every day. That way when you’re feeling lacklustre, you can easily see that note.

Don’t Be Too Loud But Avoid Mager

action in 2022

When you feel that what happened yesterday has not been properly realized. You don’t have to feel guilty, because not everything that happens has to be in line with your expectations. It’s a natural thing to happen to every human being.

Keep in mind to be a record, that the new year does not mean all things in the past should get a new start. According to pricologists, we must all be surprised by everything that has happened in 2020. Everything you’ve even planned well, can turn failed. And everyone knows that.

One way and the only thing you can do after all the things you feel is failing is to forgive yourself. Not all things that fail it become entirely yours.

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No matter when you want to start things with a new 2021 resolution, the most important thing is to give yourself an award and take a moment to celebrate all the processes that have already taken place. Provided, you are not so lazy to move or mager, as it can hinder productivity.

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