Kastuba Plants Are Widely Used During Christmas Celebrations, Here’s Why

Christmas decorations of Kastuba Plant flowers

Christmas is coming soon. This celebration is synonymous with decorating a place with Christmas trinkets. One that is often found when Christmas arrives is the decoration using Katsuba plants that are often found in many places be it at home, church, or public places. Its striking red color makes many people think that the Kastuba plant is a flower.

Many people who flock to decorate their homes using Kastuba plants so that this plant is much sought after by people in the run-up to Christmas. Therefore, this plant is also referred to as Christmas Flower.

The reason Kastuba can be a Christmas decoration plant

Kastuba, bunga kastuba, hiasan natal

Kastuba used to be just an ornamental plant. However, it is an Ancient Mexican legend that is behind why today Kastuba is considered the official crop of Christmas. Once upon a time, there was a poor girl who was grieving because she couldn’t give a Christmas present to the baby Christ.

The girl’s cousin tried to comfort her by saying that Jesus would love any gift given as long as it gave it with a sincere heart. Therefore, the girl pulled out the plant that was on the side of the road leading to the church.

Arriving at the church, the people who were attending mass felt that there was a miracle of Christmas. The reason is, the leaves of the plant suddenly turned a red color with small yellow flowers in the middle. So, the Kastuba plant leaves there is a red color and some are green.

Kastuba, bunga kastuba, hiasan natal

From there, Christmas celebrations are synonymous with red and green. Even the Aztecs consider that this Kastuba plant is a symbol of holiness. Centuries later, there was an immigrant from Mexico who converted to Christianity. He is someone who uses Kastuba as a Christmas decoration.

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Since that day, the plant known as “Flores de Noche Buena” or “Holy Night Flower” is widely used for Christmas decorations along with fir trees both at home and in the church. From there that makes this plant much sought after by people who celebrate Christmas.

About the Kastuba Plant

Kastuba, bunga kastuba, hiasan natal

Another name of Kastuba is Poinsettia taken from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first ambassador of the United States to Mexico. He introduced this ornamental plant to the United States in 1825. From there the last name of Joel was made another name from Kastuba.

Kastuba is a plant that lives in subtropical areas that then spreads in the tropics. This plant is native to Central America especially in the southern part of Mexico. This plant has a varying height of about 60 cm to 4 meters with its oval-shaped leaves with a length of about 7-16 cm. In the area of origin, this flower has a variety of colors on its leaves so many think that Kastuba is a flower.

There are small clustered flowers that do not have crown leaves called Cyathia in the Kastuba Plant. Below it there is the top leaf or braktea which is deep red then followed by green leaves. In addition, there are also leaves that are yellow and green, pink with green, and there are also white speckled red with green. Usually these colors are the result of cultivation in plantations.

Benefits In addition to Christmas decorations,

Although often used for Christmas decorations, Kastuba can also be used to treat some health problems. All parts of ornamental plants contain several substances that can be used as herbal medicine. The leaves of kastuba contain alkaloids, saponins, fats, and amylodextrin. While on the stem of this plant contains sulfur, fat, saponins, amylodextrin, formic acid, and kanji.

Some of the properties of this Kastuba plant include normalizing the menstrual cycle, stimulating vomiting, stopping bleeding, speeding up healing of broken bones, removing scars, healing wounds and launching breast milk.

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If this plant is used to treat skin inflammation, erispelas, swelling due to fractures and bruises, there are two ways that can be done, namely treatment from the inside and outside. For deep treatment is done by drinking water decoction of Kastuba leaves. As for treatment from the outside can be done by attaching the results of the impact of Kastuba leaves to the sick part then wrapped. This dressing you can replace it 2-3 times a day.

Well if you want to launch breast milk and normalize the menstrual cycle, you can drink kastuba stew leaves. In a day, drink the boiled water each half a glass twice. Well, to treat wounds due to scratches of sharp objects on the skin, then the sap from Kastuba is applied to the wounded part.

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In addition, it turns out that all parts of the Kastuba plant have many properties to treat some health problems. In the run-up to Christmas that will fall on Friday, (25/12/2020) later, about whether you also use Kastuba plants to decorate the house as a Christmas celebration? If yes, surely your house will look magnificent as well as cool because of the Kastuba plant as a decoration.

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