Why You Can’t Hang Out Despite Covid-19 Vaccine

Why Is Hangout Banned Even If Covid-19 Vaccinated?

There is good news about Indonesia’s readiness to deal with Covid-19 with the Covid-19 vaccine that has been granted official emergency permission. Yes, in Indonesia, this pandemic has been almost a year old and spread in several places. Last year on December 6, 2020 there was news that as many as 1.2 million doses of vaccine can be received periodically.

This vaccine is a Sinovac vaccine. According to the existing information President Joko Widodo himself said that there is a possibility that in the future there will still be millions of doses of vaccines that will continue to come periodically.

Covid-19 Vaccine Prevents Outbreaks From Spreading

Why You Can't Hang Out Despite Covid-19 Vaccine
Covid-19 Vaccine Prevents Outbreaks From Spreading

Jokowi added that the vaccination program this time aims to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak that will later apply to Indonesia. Then on January 13, Indonesia has started to do vaccines. This received a rapturous reception by some Indonesians, although not many are also pros and cons with this news

The first person to get this vaccinated was President Joko Widodo. One of Indonesia’s most famous artists, Raffi Ahmad, also runs it. They are both representatives of state officials and representatives of millennials.

But apparently with this vaccine, there are still some people who think that if they can get the Covid-19 vaccine. Then it’s safe to hang around or hang out. They also consider that government policy on health protocols can be slowly loosened.

This creates a new question, whether going to the crowd after undergoing a vaccine injection is okay or not? This question was then answered by one of the experts who explained his assumption to one of the New York mass media. He said that while some people already get the vaccine and some have not been vaccinated. So actually the situation has not really changed.

From that statement, we can conclude that it is not recommended to crowd even if you have already gotten a vaccine injection. It also includes not to loosen policies on health protocols.

You still need to wear a mask as well as wash your hands. It’s all important for everyone’s comfort and health. The scientists added that they are currently still researching whether people who have covid-19 vaccine can still spread the virus to others.

Although initially the data provided is promising, but the vaccine can not be claimed to prevent the transmission of this virus. Then, why are vaccinated people forbidden to gather? Here’s the explanation you need

Covid-19 Vaccine Does Not Give The Body Instant Immunity

Covid-19 Vaccine Does Not Give The Body Instant Immunity
Covid-19 Vaccine Does Not Give The Body Instant Immunity

According to one of the United States’ trusted mass media outlets, ABCNews says that vaccination does not fully provide instant immunity to the body. They added for Pfizer or BioNTech and Moderna type vaccines for example, they need at least two doses given in a period of approximately two weeks. As well as Sinovac, a known vaccine has been distributed in Indonesia.

According to the vaccine, they take approximately 4 to 6 weeks from after the initial dose to be able to reach the level of immunity and protection that is assessed comparable to clinical trial data. During that time also someone who has done the vaccine may still contract the virus from others.

Meanwhile, an expert who developed a monoclonal antibody therapy method for the Covid-19 virus at Columbia University. Saying that the effectiveness of existing protections in vaccines can not be formed instantaneously. The doctor, known as Dr. David Ho, also added that the protective effect of the vaccine may take approximately a month, or it may take longer.

Despite Vaccines, It Can Still Transmit Viruses

In one case, scientists said they had not yet found a definitive answer to this question and it was still trying to collect data. According to NPR, scientists are still working to focus on the effectiveness of the vaccine.

In addition, according to experts in the field of public health, the lack of knowledge about this vaccine makes people think that the condition can be transmitted to others. in the words of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

They said that experts should better understand the protections they can provide for the Covid-19 vaccine before finally deciding to change the recommendations on the steps people should take to slow the spread of the virus.

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The director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases gave some info. That he recommends everyone not enshrine health protocols. Even though they have been able to vaccinate.

The director is known as Anthony Fauci who also added. The health protocols he intended included wearing a mask when practicing outdoor. You should also keep your distance between people, avoid crowds, minimize outdoor activities until you have to wash your hands regularly.

This statement has its basis. The decrease in the number of herd immunity or community immunity has been achieved. So, they still do not understand for sure about how effective the vaccine created for Covid-19 is.

Although currently about ninety percent of humans have been able to vaccinate. They might be a little more relieved and calm. However, despite the success rate of 90 to 95 percent, there are still about 5 to 10 people who have been vaccinated but can still contract the virus

He also said that immunity is not like a switch that can be turned on or off at will. If the immunity is still less than the herd immunity limit figure. The virus may still be easily circulating in the human population and there is always a chance the vaccine won’t work for you.

Uncertain Immunity Duration

Immunity from Moderna Inc’s Covid-19 vaccine, for example, has been able to last at least one year. However, there is no definite clarity yet.

Especially regarding how long the vaccine can provide immunity for people who have previously been able to vaccine. First, because the virus is still relatively new. Second, due to the mutation of the Covid-19 virus, all researchers and experts around the world continue to collect data on Covid-19.

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