5 Reasons Introverts Struggle to Fall In Love

reasons introverts are hard to fall in love with

Love life is interesting to look at. In adolescence, young people are crowded to date. However, there are different among them. A group of introverts are believed to rarely have a romantic relationship.

In fact, when they grow up they tend to fall in love. Unlike the open extrovert character, the introvert is more careful. Well exactly what is the reason that makes introverts difficult to fall in love? There must be a connection with the introverted character itself. Why is that?

It’s commonplace with solitude

First, the introverted character who tends to be closed makes himself prefer to be alone. This is because if in a crowd, the introvert’s energy will run out. In other words, his energy is drained for useless things.

Not because they don’t want to be slang, but the introvert understands that getting together doesn’t matter just to spend their time. Eventually he tended to choose to do many things himself. Well this character influenced her romance.

The introvert saw that he would be fine even alone. It’s been a principle and a character inherent in him. As a result, he is not too concerned about the love that has to do with the opposite sex.

In addition, the introvert considers that love alone is not enough. That is, relationship is not only based on love and affection. However, he believes in a relationship it takes a good match in terms of personality, behavior, and liking.

Because of this, alone and without special friends is not a problem for introverts. Doing it all too often on your own makes the introvert less in need of special support from people who are usually considered special.

Getting bored is one of the reasons introverts find it hard to fall in love

In addition to the characters who prefer to do things themselves, introverts are also easily bored. Usually when going to start a team work, he tries to find the right person. Sometimes his overly idealistic thoughts make it difficult for him to find the right person.

An introvert wants someone who has a deep mind and passion. A person like this can be described as a visionary person and his life is orderly. In other words, he has a clear plan about his life’s purpose.

But in an introverted environment, they find it difficult to find the person. Even if you have been in a romantic relationship before, when the partner is not suitable, the introvert will get bored quickly. Instead, the relationship consumes its energy.

The introvert needs the right person, but he rarely meets the person. As a result, rather than getting tired of looking, he chose to be alone. In the long run, this condition is the reason introverts are difficult to fall in love with.

Why introverts are hard to fall in love with because they’re not ready to commit

Starting a relationship requires careful readiness. Well readiness here means every couple must have a commitment to live a relationship. In fact, according to them, this commitment is difficult to understand and apply making it difficult to fall in love.

Introverts who tend to work independently have not really prepared a commitment to establish relationships. They prefer to live freely without any particular restraints or promises. Because, this kind of commitment must be prepared carefully so that there is no disappointment.

Instead of the introvert being disappointed or feeling that he’s finding the right person, it’s better not to start a relationship. He will try to commit at the right time. However, this time cannot be measured for an introvert. This kind of character makes it difficult for them to fall in love.

Fear of falling in love again

In romantic relationships, betrayed couples are often found. It could be that in the middle of the journey they feel unsuitable and very conflicted. As a result, there was an argument until he decided to part ways.

This condition can be experienced several times throughout a person’s romance. Eventually he tends to be traumatized and takes time to start falling in love again. It’s because it doesn’t want to get hurt for the umpteenth time.

This is what introverts experience. Choosing the right person is not an easy decision. When they have chosen, but instead betrayed, the introvert will start the relationship again. Because, gaining the trust of introverts is very difficult.

Moreover, its independent character makes introverts lazy to fall in love again if the same thing is likely to happen. Well, are you having a case like this?

Feeling inferior

Introverts with their characters who don’t like crowds make them feel unlovable. Because, when starting a relationship, they will gather with the crowds, often socialize, and other crowds.

Such conditions can consume a lot of their energy. If you imagine the love that often parties and so on, the introvert feels inferior. Reviewing his character, he was reluctant to join other couples.

Because of this, the introvert chooses to be independent and re-established. When the time comes, surely they can grow up without feeling minder anymore.

Yourself is fine, but don’t feel inferior. With your ability to work independently, you can actually add skills. This ability you can show with confidence in time. In fact, not infrequently with multi talent, an introvert is more attractive in the eyes of others.

Introverts are among the faithful! For a number of reasons introverts are difficult to fall in love, it means that the introvert needs seriousness in the relationship. He’s not happy about making other people’s releases. However, the introvert’s weakness will be quick if the partner does not meet expectations.

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