5 Instant Ramen Recommendations for Ramen Lovers

Instant ramen a must try

Ramen is a Japanese noodle inspired by a dish called lamian from China. Lately, the popularity of ramen in Indonesia has soared thanks to the large number of instant ramen circulating in supermarkets and minimarkets. However, did you know that there are 2 types of instant ramen in circulation, which escaped the attention of the buyers?

Instant ramen in circulation today consists of ramen, as explained earlier, and ramyun. Ramyun is a Korean noodle dish inspired by ramen. By comparison, Korean ramyun usually has a stronger and spicy flavor compared to Japanese ramen. However, instant ramyun is often labeled with the name ramen, instead of ramyun. Therefore, the eight instant ramens below are a mixture of Japanese ramen and Korean ramyun huh!

Without lingering anymore, let’s immediately check 5 instant ramen recommendations that you need to try!

1. Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen

Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen, one of the famous instant ramen
Hot Chicken Ramen

This brand is certainly familiar to us. Samyang is already quite a lot circulating in various shopping centers, from minimarkets to malls. Samyang is famous as a noodle without gravy with a spicy taste jarring. In addition, Samyang also has many flavor variants circulating in Indonesia. Examples include Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen, Samyang Cheese, and Samyang Carbonara.

In South Korea itself, Samyang has far more flavor variants. Call it the Nuclear 2x Spicy variant, whose spicy content is twice as spicy as Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen. There is also a variant of Jjajangmyeon, aka black bean noodles that often appear in various Korean dramas. In addition to Nuclear 2x Spicy and Jjajangmyeon, there are still many other flavor variants that have not been circulating in Indonesia. But you don’t have to be disappointed! The reason is, samyang variants that have not been officially circulated in Indonesia you can get through various marketplaces.

Related to the page of this product, Samyang which has been circulating officially in Indonesia has received certification from MUI. However, for Samyang products that you buy from the marketplace,you need to make sure the page is re-ascertained. For some existing variants, Samyang comes with plastic packaging such as instant noodles in general, as well as cup packaging. Samyang is priced at a price range of Rp10,000-Rp20,000.

2. Shin Ramyun

Shin Ramyun packaging in the supermarket
Shin Ramyun Packaging

Well, this instant ramen recommendation is a ramen dish with gravy. Shin Ramyun is one of the known instant ramen from Korean dramas. Shin Ramyun is a production company of Nongshim, one of the producers of instant ramen whose idolatry has been tested by the Korean Muslim Federation or KMF. So, the reliability of Shin Ramyun’s product is guaranteed.

Like Samyang, Shin Ramyun also comes with two types of packaging, namely plastic packaging and cups. Shin Ramyun is already quite widely circulated in supermarkets and minimarkets, so you can easily buy it. The price is not much different from Samyang, which is Rp10,000-Rp15,000.

3. Ichiran Ramen

Large portions for two people
Ramen with large portions

Did you know that Ichiran Ramen is an instant ramen produced by a famous Japanese restaurant? Yup, the name of the restaurant is exactly the instant ramen product, namely Ichiran Ramen! In Japan, this restaurant is famous for its long queues. Therefore, you really need to try this instant ramen!

Unlike Samyang and Shin Ramyun, Ichiran Ramen is not sold per pack. Ichiran Ramen is sold in one large package, which contains five small packs inside. Per this small package can be made into a serving of ramen for two people. Ichiran Ramen itself is priced at Rp375,000-Rp505,000 for one large bag. Unfortunately, Ichiran Ramen is not halal ramen, so you have to be careful if you want to try it.

4. Chapagetti

Ramen similar to jjajangmyeon
Ramen similar to jjajangmyeon

Chapagetti becomes the next recommendation which is a product of Nongshim as well, just like Shin Ramyun! Chapagetti is more appropriately referred to as Korean spaghetti served with black bean sauce, similar to jjajangmyeon dish. If the instant ramen in circulation mostly has a spicy taste, chapagetti has a sweet and savory taste. Well, surely Chapagetti is suitable for those of you who do not like spicy taste!

5. Soon Ramen

Ramen cup packaging in supermarkets
Instant ramen in cup packaging

In addition to Shin Ramyun and Chapagetti, Nongshim is also a producer of Soon Ramen. If Chapagetti is a jjajangmyeon-like dish, Soon Ramen is no less unique! Soon Ramen is an instant ramen produced for vegetarians. Soon Ramen is produced using only vegetable extracts and plant flavors. Therefore, Soon Ramen is also halal for consumption. For its own taste, Soon Ramen has a savory taste.

Here are the five instant ramen recommendations you need to try! Have you tasted any of them? Or maybe you’ve tasted all five instant ramens above? Which product is your favorite? Come on, share your review in the comments section!

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