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If you eat at brunch time, it means you have lunch and breakfast at one time. This habit later became the lifestyle of Jakartans, mostly making brunch time as a time of family gatherings, get-togethers with friends and loved ones. Weekends are usually a target for brunch. Get-togethers become more fun with filling brunch menus but also not heavy meals.

Brunch can be done at home, you can try to make your own menu. Many inspiration brunch menus that are easy and tasty you can get from the internet. However, if you want brunch at a restaurant, it may be even more practical because no one will be bothered to provide a place and food.

Of course, as a quality get-together event, the food eaten must be of quality as well. A comfortable restaurant, good food and affordable prices are the top choices. Well, as a recommendation, this time we recommend to you some restaurants in Jakarta that provide the most delicious brunch menu. Here we summarize for you.

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Sophie Authentique

This restaurant is actually one that provides French bakery as their main menu. So no wonder if Sophie Authentique has a bakery menu that is suitable to eat at brunch, namely, Croque Madame. Clad in a beautiful appearance, Croque Madame here also has an addictive taste, crispy bread and savory ham plus beef eye eggs. Imagine it’s good? Come straight here and enjoy your free time with loved ones. The place is comfortable, the beautiful décor plus cool air, will make your brunch atmosphere more impressive.

Cipete Raya 11, Fatmawati, Jakarta.
Phone. (021) 7656364

The Goods Dinner

Want to eat sandwiches and pancakes on weekends for your brunch menu? Or miss the special taste of the filling bagel bread? Come to The Goods Dinner. Open on weekends only, which is 8 am to 4 pm, but coming there will not be disappointed because their brunch menu is one of the best brunch menus in Jakarta!
There’s Crab Cake Bennedict which is a great recommendation for you to try. Made from fresh crab cake combined with grilled asparagus and hollandaise sauce. It’s a great place to hang out with friends.

Fairground, Jl. General Sudirman Lot. 14 SCBD Jakarta.
Phone. (021) 5152969

Common Grounds

To add to the spirit of your day, this Common Grounds restaurant has a special coffee menu, suitable to accompany your brunch time. No wonder common grounds is one of the restaurants that have the best brunch menu because they have eggs bennedict special and yummy. In addition, their English Muffin is no less tempting. The texture is fluffy, plus melted half-cooked eggs combined with hollandaise sauce that makes everything even more delicious.


Citywalk Sudirman, Lt. Ground Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav. 121 Jakarta
Phone. (021) 25558963

Union Deli

If at Union Plaza Senayan you are spoiled with special cakes, at Union Deli Grand Indonesia is different again. There are many different types of gourmet sandwiches. One of the mainstays that are suitable as your brunch menu is
Classic Pastrami. Beef made in Union Deli is very special, it feels guaranteed to make you come back here again. For those of you who want to add a dessert menu to your brunch, there is a Red Velvet Sundae that is perfect for your afternoon weekend with loved ones.

Grand Indonesia East Mall Lt. Ground Jl. MH. Thamrin 1 – Tanah Abang Jakarta
Phone. (021) 23580476


Besides being suitable as a hangout, Loewy is also comfortable to be a gathering place with family at brunch time. The brunch menus here are only there on weekends and all the menus are delicious incomparably. There is Smoked Salmon with Soft Boiled Egg, Cream Cheese, Mashed Potato, Sour Cream and many other menus you can try. In addition to the brunch menu, other menus

No less delicious, there is soup, salad, appertizer, and finger snack.


Oakwood Premier Cozmo Apartment – Lingkar Mega, Kuningan Jakarta.
Phone (021) 25542378


A small building in the Kemang area, this Baconerie should not be underestimated. For the menu, champion! They have a mainstay menu that is Baconerie Burger that is suitable as a brunch meal with friends. The bacon is fresh, the beef is thick and the burger buns are crisp! But, make no mistake, as the name implies, this Baconerie Burger is made from pork. Those of you who are Muslim should not consume this.

Jl. Benda Raya 1C Kemang – Jakarta
Phone (021) 78838291

Mapple & Oak

For those of you who are often in the Menteng area, Mapple & Oak may be familiar to the ears. Croque Monsieur can be a mainstay for your brunch meal. This brunch menu is famously delicious with the composition of Beef Pastrami and Mozarella Cheese Sandwich equipped with Cheese Mornay as a topping. Served with French fries, your brunch will feel perfect.


De Ritz Building Lt. Ground Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto 91 – Menteng, Jakarta.
Phone (021) 3906757

How? Have you found a suitable place for your brunch? Take the time to get together with loved ones and enjoy the best menus from the restaurants we recommend above. Let’s having a brunch!

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