Suitable House Room Given Ornamental Plants

Suitable House Room Decorated With Plants

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have new habits while at home, namely maintaining ornamental plants. With these new habits, of course they will not get bored even though they are at home every day because of the activity of keeping plants. The plants that are maintained are not only used as displays that are placed in the garden of the house, but also used as decorations for the interior of their house. The existence of plants as ornaments of this house is able to change the atmosphere of the house room to be new, as long as it is put in the right place.

Then, what parts of the room are recommended to be decorated with plants that are suitable for the room? Here’s the review.

1. Living Room

living room

The living room can be said to be an important part of the house because it is located at the front after the entrance. Many say that the living room becomes the determinant in giving an impression for guests who are visiting. If the design of the living room is aesthetic, clean, and neat, then guests will be comfortable and at home.

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Therefore, homeowners should always pay attention to the beauty of the living room, one of which is by laying ornamental plants as decorations. With the presence of ornamental plants in the living room can make the atmosphere cool because the air circulation is smooth.

Despite this, not all types of suitable plants are placed in the living room. There are several plants that can be used as living room decorations such as peace lily, Chrysanthemum, Cactus, Golden Pothos, Monstera, Philodendron, ivory betel, elephant ears, and tongue-in-law.

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These plants can be placed in several parts such as the corner of the room, the living room table, on the wall shelf, in the window, or in places that are suitable and give a beautiful impression.

2. Bedroom

bedroom space

The bedroom becomes one of the privacy for members of the house. Therefore, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible so that those who occupy it are comfortable. One way that can be done is to place one or two houseplants in the bedroom room.

However, many people say that the plants placed in the bedroom are not good because they will release carbon dioxide gas at night.

However, according to Scandiscapes Founder Merje Shaw said that it is nothing to worry about because at night the actual amount of carbon dioxide production is very small.

There are some ideal plants suitable for bedding such as Sanseveira (tongue-in-law), aloe vera, lavender and orchids. With these plants, the bedroom will look cool, comfortable, and quiet

3. Bathroom


Like other rooms in the house, the bathroom also requires special treatment. One easy way is to put houseplants as bathroom decorations.

The bathroom can be said to be a good environment for houseplants because the temperature inside is warm and humid so that some tanaan will grow well.

Some suitable plants are placed in the bathroom such as kalatheas or nail plants that like water, ivory betel, mini bamboo, and other plants.

4. Kitchen


The kitchen is usually a place that is rarely noticed by the homeowner in terms of decoration. However, nowadays many people are starting to notice the kamudian kitchen changing it with an aestethic concept.

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They changed all kitchen settings ranging from storefronts, spice shelves, places for storage of kitchen materials, kitchen walls, and others. In addition, sometimes they also give a touch of plants to beautify the beauty of the kitchen.

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The presence of plants in the kitchen is useful to keep the air fresh, keep away from ants and insects and clean the air from toxic substances.

Usually suitable plants are placed in the kitchen such as spider plant, english ivy, ivory betel, aloe vera, tongue-in-law, dollar plants, and palms.

5. Workspace

The workspace in the house is usually rarely occupied unless there is a takeaway job. For this reason, one is highly recommended to put suitable houseplants in the workspace. With the presence of such plants are believed to eliminate anxiety, stress, fatigue, and encourage work.

houseplants in the workspace

Usually plants that are often used in the workspace are small plants that are placed on the worktop or on wall shelves such as cacti, water plants, jade plants, spider plants, mini bamboo, boston ferns and succulents. But it can also use large plants to put in the corner of the room such as tongue-in-law, dollar plants, and philodendron.

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From the above, are you one of the people who have a new habit of keeping ornamental plants in the midst of this pandemic? do you guys also include people who put plants in some room of your house? If so, surely the rooms in your house look cool and comfortable.

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