Safety Rider for Hijaber

Safety Rider for Hijaber

The more days, the more people change for the better. Especially when it comes to appearances. The one who wasn’t hooded, now he’s hooded. Then, who used to be hooded, now perfecting his veil in accordance with the religious shari’a. Not only become a trend, wearing a large veil is also an obligation for women. Is it difficult and complicated? All of that will be comfortable getting used to it.

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Getting used to wearing the hijab not only makes it comfortable, but also makes it safe from all crimes around. Especially if traveling on a motorcycle, keyamanan is very important for women. Comfortable makes you more confident and independent. Drive yourself by motorcycle still enjoy with some equipment that supports your safety as follows;

HairPins are Not Too High

Tying or dyeing hair is also an important concern when going to drive. Kucir or hair ties that are too high make the head dizzy when pressed helmet. It is advisable not to tie the hair too high, wear a snail with a large cimol or use a hairpin that makes it depressing when wearing a helmet.

Position The Wide Veil Correctly

If you are wearing a wide veil, position the veil correctly. Do not let the veil you are wearing flutter or interfere with your driving trip. You can outsmart it by wearing a backpack or occupying the tip.

Don’t Let Gamis Fly

Just like the hood, you should also position your gamis to keep it safe while driving. Especially if you are driving, it is more risky than riding your own motorcycle. When carrying in an inclined position it could be gamis into the wheel if the position is not correct. So, fold the gamis forward so as not to fly.

Wearing a Snail or An Inside Veil

Wearing an inside veil also makes you more comfortable and safe. Wearing the inside of the veil reduces the wearer of pentul needles after the veil that does not sag. In the veil or snail not only facilitates us in the hijab, but also makes the hair neater and invisible if the veil you are wearing is transparent.

Use Leging to Move More Freely

In addition to the inside veil, wearing this one is also important. Leging or trousers make you move freely. You can drive comfortably if you are driving or driving alone. You won’t worry anymore if the skirt or gamis is pulled up.

Wear Fibrous Socks

Usually beautiful ukhti also completes her appearance by wearing socks. Socks not only cover the feet that count as aurat, but also serve as a base before wearing shoes. Well, if you’re wearing sandals or ballet shoes, try wearing fibrous socks. Usually thin and transparent socks make slippery if rubbing with sandals or ballet shoes or slip on.

Avoiding Pollution with Masks

To make it more comfortable, you can wear a mask to avoid pollution. Another benefit of wearing a mask is covering makeup from dust. Although the makeup nempel dimasker later can be added back, rather than makeup mixed with dust or exposed to sunlight that causes the health of the skin is disturbed.

To Avoid Dirty Hands use Gloves

Lastly, gloves also complement your safety when driving. Your hands will be protected from the sun so they don’t get striped. If your hands sweat a lot, by wearing gloves at least sweat does not mix with the dust that makes the hands dirty. Self-driving doesn’t matter, girls, as long as you’re ready with your driving gear. Hooded does not restrict you to move freely and achieve goals. Keep safety girls!

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