Self Healing To Overcome Post-Loss Sadness

Many Lose, It's How to Overcome Grief

Who never feels sad? Everyone must have felt sadness after losing something or something important.

Especially when you’ve just finished with your relationship with a loved one. It feels like the whole world feels ashes, not even a word of spirit is enough to give you the strength to come back from the downfall.

People’s levels of grief are also diverse. You can’t equate your sadness with your friend’s level of sadness. And vice versa. But that painful taste if it lasts too long, will cause new problems.

We may feel sad for loss, but life must go on even if the heart is destroyed. But how to overcome those sad feelings?

Understanding the Stages of Sadness

Understanding the Stages of Sadness
Understanding the Stages of Sadness

According to one psychiatrist named Elisabeth Kubler Ross, the stages in grieving are five stages. People will tend to go through these emotional stages after the event of loss.

The first stage you’re going through is a denial of what has happened. This stage is a stage when one does not want to believe that the event has happened. Then after that there will appear a sense of anger that there is a third stage, namely the process to negotiate with yourself.

Then after feeling able to go with yourself then for the next stage is depression. At this stage many people do not properly control themselves, even tend to lose themselves.

But you don’t have to worry, because if you can get through it well though it’s hard. You will be in the last stage, which is the stage of accepting the fact that it must happen to be a lesson in your life in the future. From there, one will understand that he can rise after loss.

Recognize Your Sadness

Most of the emotional symptoms that humans have have to do with grief. Because many of the feeling that will later be involved is so devastating that it causes physical manifestations that can appear.

This feeling of ups and downs can involve a variety of factors. From deep sadness and feelings of insaneness to shock, guilt and fear.

A person’s body may be at the point where he begins to doubt his religion. It’s going to get even more dangerous. In terms of physical problems related to sadness and grief, know that nausea, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, even to the pain, pain to increase or lose weight.

Knowing these symptoms can make us more alert in dealing with them. This includes your ability to consciously tell yourself that it turns out that sadness is a manifestation of many ways and needs to be diagnosed and treated.

It’s Okay To Feel Sad

Often when you are sad, you will rush to look fine. But such feelings need not be forced. Often a person is trapped at the first few stages in grief and becomes paralyzed helplessly from not allowing themselves to give in to those emotions.

Whereas allowing yourself to succumb to grief, accept the circumstances that you are being hurt. Can make you immediately start the healing process. The most important thing is that you can accept it first, that it’s okay to grieve.

Finding a Backrest On Your Closest Friends Or Family

Finding a Backrest On Your Closest Friends Or Family
Finding a Backrest On Your Closest Friends Or Family

Although it feels like losing it is a sensitive and individual thing. But it’s okay to share it with those you think you can trust in giving you grief. Although they may not know what to do in terms of entertaining you. But believe me they will always listen to what you want to say as well as offer warmth of affection.

Don’t feel too bad about leaning on others. Every now and then you can do it when you need it. Family and friends will tolerate many types of emotions in their loved ones, so they will get you through that stage by remaining happy and loyal.

Consult a Psychologist

Just like what is said, that the level of sadness of a person is different. Some feel that their grief is only to cry and then return to the way they were, others feel that it is like losing half their lives and this is not allowed to be ignored.

For that you need to consult with an expert therapist to accompany your grief. The therapists will usually listen to your story. Although they will be a lot of silence, but trust me it’s what you need. They will listen carefully to your story.

Although not a few of them will later give a little advice and tactics to deal with the emotional problems that you are currently facing.

Expressing Your Feelings

Expressing Your Feelings
Expressing Your Feelings

Everyone who’s just lost a bad person, it’s going to be hard to talk about emotional feelings when they’re grieving. In fact this is the most important thing in our process to treat our feelings.

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You don’t have to express feelings verbally. You can use writing such as writing a journal, writing a letter or creating a poem. It can be a cure when the liver is being slashed because of loss.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Your Health

This is the most trivial thing but a lot of people don’t pay attention to it. Even if your heart is hurting, try not to forget about your health. You can start maintaining health by exercising and living a healthy life. Thus, you can fight that sense of sadness.

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