Smartphone Users Lifestyle Changes

Smartphone User Lifestyle Changes

Smartphones today are no longer just a tool to communicate with each other. But more than that. There are many things we can find in a smartphone. Such as video players, music players, cameras, radio, internet, and other applications we will find, all of which we are very likely to use in everyday life. Nowadays, smartphones are a must-have for everyone. It can even be a new lifestyle for smartphone users.

Slowly but surely, smartphones will change one’s lifestyle. What will the smartphone change? I’ll describe a little bit about what smartphones will change in our lives.

1. Smartphones create dependencies.

If we use our smartphones often, then it will not be denied that we will use them continuously every day. This can even outweigh the dependence of drug users. If smartphone users are separated from their owners in just 12 hours, then they will feel upset.

Smartphone users will spend a lot of their time in samrtphone, whether playing games, chatting, internet, playing music, and so on. All of that is a natural thing we encounter in smartphones, but do not overdo it because it will make us dependent. We need to be able to prevent that from happening.

2. Change the way we socialize.

By using smartphones frequently, the way we socialize will change. Like, when we greet our friends in chat, in socializing with teachers, lecturers, even our parents and family.

We’ll get used to greeting them in smartphones, but less once in the real world. It is also natural considering smartphones have become a dependency.

When there is a meeting, get together with family, play with friends, then we will be busy playing our smartphones. We will have time to greet the people on the smartphone by making a status now what is being, and responding to their comments.

Village officials who provide information by sending SMS to all their citizens without the need to hold meetings, and many more changes in the way we socialize with smartphones.

3. Make us more consumptive.

Using smartphones too often also makes us more consumptive. It’s not just about us shopping online a lot, but more than that. Like when we get a new promo at the mall that there is a new discount there, then we will go straight away.

Like when you have to buy an internet package to continue using the internet service. Buy credit for SMS and phone for communication needs. Electricity costs for power bills and power banks are frequent, until in one day the battery charge occurs 4 times more. In addition, there is also if we want custom chasing or color of our smartphone. Also when our smartphone suddenly breaks down, has to spend money on the cost of repairing the smartphone, and perhaps worse we have to buy again.

All those lifestyles make you spend a lot of money just for things you find on smartphones or things related to smartphones.

Those are some of the factors in our daily habits that change as we use our smartphones. Thus, a new lifestyle is created by using a smartphone. We’re the only ones who can change that. Therefore be careful in using a smartphone, by reducing the hours of use of the smartphone.

So many of me, thank you for reading, hopefully this article is useful.

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