Interesting! 4 Important Soft Skills in the Creative Industry

Important Soft Skills in the Creative Industry

The digital world with all its visualizations is very familiar to us. Through photo and video views make a content look very interesting. Well, this is what drives the digital industry very fast growing.

For businesses, creating content that attracts potential customers is very important. Therefore skills such as design and copywriting are very important. But unfortunately this skill has not been studied very much in school. This is what is needed in the creative industries.

Getting to know the Creative Industries

The creative industry is one type of industry that is constantly evolving and never stops. As the name suggests, the industry adopts and strengthens the creativity element of the perpetrators.

Not only do they create content, they can express ideas according to trends. This is because the creative industry is very closely related to the dynamics of the development of the times. Not only do you need hard skills, you also need soft skills to work in this industry.

Differences between Hard Skill and Soft Skill

important soft skills in the creative industries

Hard skill and soft skill are two terms that are usually called side by side, but the meaning is the opposite. Hard skills are technical, measurable, and physically visible abilities.

This ability is obtained by training or practicing the science received. For example in the creative industries, hard skills include computer operating ability, graphic design, and editing skills.

Meanwhile, soft skills are the ability that individuals have to connect with other individuals. This soft skill is very rarely learned through regular formal schools. In fact, soft skills tend to be acquired because of experience.

Examples are ethics in work, leadership skills, communication, negotiation, and so on. These types of abilities you can train along with the experiences and events you go through.

Develop Soft Skills in the Creative Industry

Working in the world of creative industries is highly supported by good soft skills. Because the world of work today has been competing through hard skills. Therefore, in order for you to have added value, master at least four important soft skills in the following creative industries.

Thinking Design

Hearing design terms is probably commonplace. Design is an ability that you can develop based on the theory given. For example, through visual communication design (DKV), you become proficient in design.

But the design is included in the hard skill. Well while the thinking design is different from the usual design. Ordinary design may only require the ability to draw according to the right techniques.

The thinking design can be interpreted as a user-based problem solving method. The concept still adopts the design. In thinking design you should be able to develop ideas and pour them into thinking flow charts.

This is very useful to explain a concept to the client later. This problem should be formulated in the form of a creative solution, for example as follows.


Before you start analyzing, you’re required to have the ability to empathise. At this stage you feel what other people are going through. Understand the needs of the user or client in front of you.


Once able to empathize, then define what is the source of the client’s problems. At this stage, a thinking design should think of a solution to the problem.

Create an Idea

From the solution that has been found, then create an idea or system to solve the problem. Brainstorm and apply the concept of mind mapping to more easily describe ideas.


Prototypes are excellent for testing a product before it gets into the hands of the client. Once you’ve devised a plan based on mind mapping, you’ll need to prototype the idea. Implement it into a product.

Do a Trial

The ready prototype should be tested immediately. Whether the product is working properly or what things need to be evaluated. By doing trials, you can be better prepared to create better products.

Stress Management

Stress management is your way of managing stress. Stress is a natural thing for everyone to experience. Stress can be triggered due to various pressures from inside and outside.

However, you can still manage stress well. To train stress management skills, try doing the following.

Find the Cause of Stress

First, you need to know what’s causing you stress. For example, because of a lot of thoughts, you have to be able to manage your own mindset. Find the right fun way to version yourself.

Create a Journal to Write Your Feelings

It turns out that diary books are quite effective for stress management. When many thoughts or fatigue conditions like this are prone to triggering stress. You can divert it by devoting everything through a daily journal.

Try Avoiding Stress Causes

When you’ve analyzed the causes of your stress, it’s time to avoid those stress triggers. This is the best way to avoid strees, especially until you are severely stressed or depressed.

Reward Yourself

Every now and then you need rewards or rewards for things you’ve accomplished. This form of appreciation can please yourself. Of course, this kind of happy condition keeps you out of stress.

Mental Elasticity

Mental elasticity can be interpreted as mentally elastic. Both people who have this ability can change their mindset and be able to look at things from different points of view.

However, take it easy, soft skills are important in the creative industries in training. Here’s how to do the following.

Changing Routines

Routines have shaped the character. If you are formed into a lazy person, you must change this immediately. To have a broad mindset, try reading books and discussing with great people.

Multiply Experiences

Someone who has a high flying clock will be more competent with those who have only tried a few times. To develop mental elasticity, often train your skills in analyzing things or events.

Creative Thinking

Creativity becomes a human differentiation with a robot. People are able to think creatively because all the empathy and logic that has been able to present a solution to a problem. Practice creative thinking by being more sensitive to the environment.

Meet New People

One way to broaden perceptions is to get to know more people. Those with different backgrounds can open up new perspectives for you. Make many friends with their different cultures. That way, your knowledge and point of view will be broader.

Exchanging Knowledge

It doesn’t make any mistake to exchange knowledge. Not only do you get new knowledge from others, but you also contribute to sharing your knowledge with others. This condition will further strengthen your ability to analyze.

Emotional Inteligent

Emotional intelligence is essential in the world of work. A person who can manage his emotions well is able to work professionally. The way to train it is as follows.

Open with Criticism

People who are open to criticism tend to do things with enjoy. Because, the criticism is used as input for him to develop better. Through emotional intelligence criticism is utilized for this.

Want to Hang Out

People who are good at regulating emotions can be trained by expanding social ity. When you have a lot of friends, you’ll try to be good friends with them. Your emotions will be held back in order to maintain a good relationship with them.

Become a Good Listener

Being more passive will train you to control your emotions. Try to be a good listener. This instead makes you have a lot of new experiences from other people.

Train Positives

Positive thinking is very good for exercising self-control. By thinking positively you will be encouraged to always take positive actions as well. Of course you can’t vent your emotions when you’re angry.

Be Motivated

People who are always covered in motivation will feel passionate in life. His condition is filled with a sense of passion because of that motivation. As a result, such a person is focused and able to control his emotions.

How, soft skills important in the creative industry already you have? If you haven’t already, let’s start styling yourself to have that ability. For those who already have, stick with that good ability yes.

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