Some Funny, Famous and Inspiring Youtube Accounts. Subscribe!

Some Funny, Famous and Inspiring Youtube Accounts. Subscribe!

There’s nothing wrong with being popular. During the positive, various self-popularizing activities can even be used as a profit-making field in addition to having to be unique and inspire many people. Self-confidence and being creative may also be things that must be considered because the purpose of being popular, one of which is also to entertain others. The means to become popular are many kinds, one of which is to be unique in social media such as, Youtube. Here are some popular users who also have many subscribers on Youtube. Some are due to their funny expression, creative parodies to inspiring makeup tutorials. Cheque!



His real name is Felix Kjellberg. A gamer who often posts funny videos, comments and expression while playing a game. Felix started his career on YouTube in 2009. For serious in his career, in 2011 he had to leave his studies at Chalmers University of Technology.

Not in vain, because thanks to the efforts of the young man born October 24, 1989 it achieved a guinness record in 2014 yesterday, in the category of the number of subscribers and the most number of Youtube views, which is 20 million subscribers. The increase in viewers is indeed calculated very fast. Pewdiepie’s YouTube account has been subscribed to by more than 32 million people who are always waiting for the latest video updates.


smosh youtube Funny Youtube account, Famous

Smosh’s duo consists of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They have frequently uploaded parody and comedy videos on their Youtube accounts since 2005 and in 2013 their account became the most subscribered Youtube account with 11 million viewers.

The beginning of their career was when they parodied Pokemon videos that received appreciation from many viewers even though the video was later removed by Pokemon because it did not have permission. However, they are now back working on various interesting videos including re-parodying Pokemon.

They even have 8 channels on Youtube of which six are scheduled. The channels are Smosh, IanH, WatchUsLiveAndStuff, Elsmosh, Shut up! Cartoons, Smosh Games, Anthony Paddila and Ask Charlie.


Funny Youtube account, Famous

His real name is Ryan Higa. The Japanese-American comedian has more than 15 million subscribers to every comedy video he uploads. Ryan Higa has learned about filmmaking at UNLV and since 2006 he has regularly uploaded videos.

Together with his colleagues, the young man born June 6, 1990 often parodies unique things that commonly happen in everyday life. In the Movies in Minutes segment, Ryan Higa even parodied Hollywood Box Office films like Harry Potter and Twilight.

Michelle Phan

Funny Youtube account, Famous

If previously it was Youtube accounts related to comedy, then for women it is mandatory to watch videos uploaded by Michelle Phan. She is an entrepreneur who is also a makeup demonstrator. She has been subscribed by 7.5 million Youtube users on every makeup tutorial video she uploads. Michelle, is known to be very detailed tutorialing makeup in every video.

Michelle is also a fine art student who has known makeup since childhood because she does have a beauty salon. So it’s no wonder that she knows a lot about the world of makeup. Recently, Michelle also frequently uploaded videos about references beautifying the room.

Of the many videos that Michelle uploaded, the makeup tutorial video titled Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look became the most viewed by Youtube users, which is 51 million viewers. Fantastic numbers, and the very beautiful Michelle is also creative, isn’t it? Hopefully Michelle can inspire, even for those of you who want to seriously learn makeup. So are 3 other users who are funny and unique, hopefully it can be entertaining, yes.

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