Thanksgiving Specialties

Thanksgiving Specialties

Thanksgiving is an important festival for the people of the United States to celebrate joy as well as an expression of gratitude for the favors of life. The festival is also designated as a national holiday, which will generally be celebrated by eating fried turkey dishes.

The festival, which is always celebrated every November 26, is usually held with a family gathering. And one of the dishes not to be missed is kalun. Even the Founding Father of the United States, Alexander Hamilton once said that U.S. citizens will not be able to refrain from turkeys on Thanksgiving.

Another reason why turkeys are always served during this festival is, as it has been done for decades. In addition, weighing 15 to 20 pounds makes turkeys able to feed many people at once. In addition to fried turkey, here are other specialties that are usually served during the Thanksgiving festival.

Roasted Turkey, Thanksgiving Roast Turkey

Thanksgiving, Kalkun
Roasted Turkey

Usually, roasted turkey is served with chestnuts in it. This dish itself is processed turkey meat mixed with bread, vegetables, rosemary, eggs, and sage. Another important part is to grease the meat with a variety of sauces of choice.

The most popular sauces for this dish are cranberries and giblet gravy. Cranberry sauce certainly comes from cranberry fruit with a sweet and thick sauce flavor. While the gravy giblet sauce is white and at first glance tampah like pasta sauce. But it’s actually different, because this giblet sauce tastes both savory and creamy.

Mashed Potatoes, Roast Turkey Companion Meal

Thanksgiving, Kalkun
Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potato or mashed potatoes become one of the companion foods that are always there with roast turkey. With its soft texture and added cream and stir-fry vegetables in it makes this dish taste fresh as well as sweet.

This simple, simple-flavored mashed potato is also the main dish during Thanksgiving. To complete the taste, many people often add a sprinkling of ground pepper on top.

Brussels Sprouts, Complementary Vegetables At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, Kalkun
Brussels Sprouts

Small cabbage or brussels sprouts are complementary vegetables commonly used as a side dish when eating Thanksgiving turkey. Actually, the vegetables that are often used as stir-fry are cabbage buds. It has a sweet and slightly bitter taste because it is still classified as a bud, and its crispy stem bitten makes it suitable to be a companion dish.

Pumpkin Pie, The Sweet Dessert

Thanksgiving, Kalkun
Pumpkin Pie

It is one of the desserts with pudding filling and made from pumpkin base that has been processed with various other ingredients. Pumpkin itself is a symbol of harvest time, and pumpkin pie is usually commonly served in autumn or early winter. In the United States and Canada, pumpkin pie is usually made for several festivals, including Thanksgiving.

That’s why Americans always serve turkey during this festival. Although turkey is very popular and identical to Thanksgiving, it turns out that there are still other dishes that are usually eaten during this festival. It’s interesting, right? Which of the above dishes is the most curious and wants to be tasted immediately? Answer in the comment field below.

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