Sugar Glider, Distinguishing Males or Females

Sugar Glider

Sugar glider the name of this animal turns out to be a little foreign to Indonesians Sugar glider is taken from two words namely Sugar and Glider, Sugar means sugar and Glider means flying machine without mechanical. So sugar gliders are likened to flying animals that do not use mechanical wings, but these animals use flying bags.

That’s a little explanation about sugar glider animals. Maybe you guys have it, do you have any intention of ing it. If so, then it is necessary to choose a good male and female brood to marry. The main problem is about how to distinguish male and female sugar gliders. Take it easy, because at this meeting I will describe the difference between male and female sugar gliders.

Difference between Male and Female Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider
Animal Sugar Glider

The Underbelly Pouch

For sugar gliders females have very clear physical characteristics to declare females. Namely the bag under the stomach, which is later used to care for the sugar glider. The function of the pouch is the same as that of a kangaroo that has a pouch under its stomach. So if the sugar glider does not have a bag then it can be inferred the type is male. This first way is very accurate in determining the mother of males and females that want to be mated.

Watch the Sugar Glider Head

For the main feature of the male sugar glider at the age of 5 months will appear the fur on his head will fall out, the more bald. So besides, then the sex must be female. If the age of sugar glider is not even 4 months, it can not be confirmed in this second way, so wait up to 4 or 5 months in advance. Because of the physical changes that are real snagat will be seen at a young age towards adulthood.

The Prominent Properties of Sugar Glider

To determining the male and female we can analyze with characteristic properties sugar glider. The male has a more ferocious disposition and likes to bite humans, instead the female has a more kalem nature. But after giving birth, the sugar glider’s character turned 180. The male is braver and more fierce because of the cover of his newborn son.

That’s the third way of knowing which sugar glider is jentan and which one is in charge. The most widely used way is the first way, because it is the specific difference that most noticeable indicates the male or female. If you are sure you want to marry the sugar glider it would be nice to have a good male and female brood so that the breed can develop properly.

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