Rihanna’s Beautiful Skin Secrets

Rihanna's Beautiful Skin Secrets

Are you one of those people who do not forget to apply sunscreen before activities both morning and afternoon in all seasons? Sunscreen is very important to use to protect the skin from sun exposure.

Although we already know the adverse effects of sunlight on the skin, most of us often forget to even reluctantly use it. Rihanna, a pop star and businesswoman in the cosmetics world, is campaigning for sunscreen via her instagram account.

According to Rihanna, It’s Important to Protect Skin With Sunscreen

A few days ago the “We Found Love” singer shared a selfie of her on her social media account. In the photo, Rihanna is seen wearing a sexy bra with a peach-colored Savage and Fenty with lace accents.

She also uses Fenty Skin Starter Set, which is her skincare product line. The starter set consists of Total Cleanser cleanser, toner as well as Fat Water serum, and Hydra Vizor moisturizer containing SPF 30.

Her appearance in the photo was complemented by a bucket hat made by a famous designer. Mark Sabino. Part of her face is covered in bucket hats, while other parts of the face such as nose, cheeks and lips are visible. The singer, who is familiarly called Riri, applies sunscreen on her nose and cheeks.

In the caption, he wrote “Protecting my melaninku when they (the sun) are trying to destroy it! Mini gang @fentyskin #FentySkinStartRs!”.

Rihanna’s Uploads About Sunscreen

Rihanna’s Uploads About Sunscreen

The photo with a caption inviting people to use sunscreen was denied by one of Riri’s followers. The netizens said “it’s winter.”

Rihanna quickly responded and defended the use of sunscreen to protect her skin. Riri says that despite the winter season, the skin still needs sunscreen protection.

Rihanna wrote, for her the netizen’s comments were simply an ignorance. If he still thinks SPF is seasonal, he will have wrinkles on his skin. Therefore, keep using sunscreen even in winter.

Previously, Rihanna has also expressed her views on sunscreen. Riri explains why she makes her own facial care products that also focus on SPF. According to Rihanna, her brand’s SPF products are suitable for women of all races as well as skin torcolors. It is also Riri’s top priority in creating its product formula.

Another great thing about moisturizers that contain SPF in general is that it generally leaves white cast marks as well as unpleasant aromas. Departing from the problem, Rihanna innovated a facial moisturizer that can be worn all skin colors without leaving a grayish-white mark.

Bad Effects For The Skin For Not Using It

Hey, who here is still lazy to use sunscreen before going outdoors? Not using sunscreen turns out to be a risk of causing the following adverse effects, you know.

  1. Older Looking Face

Continuous exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun can damage collagen tissue in the skin. Whereas collagen tissue has an important role to maintain the elasticity of our skin. Exposure to ultraviolet light can easily damage the defenses of such tissues. As a result, your skin will look sagging, scars appear, until it looks older than you should be.

  1. Black Spots Appear

The epidermis layer on the skin contains melanin which is responsible for absorbing sunlight. Because of its duties, melanin is considered as a skin protector from the adverse effects of sunlight. One form of skin defense from sunlight is to form more melanin.

Melanin or this skin pigment is formed in the basal stratum located in the most basic layer of the epidermis. The longer your skin is exposed to sunlight, the more melanin accumulates in the skin. Over time, the pigment will appear to the surface of the skin and become a black spots.

  1. Skin Cancer

Recent research has found that young people have a lot of skin cancer. One of the causes is UVA rays that penetrate the skin. Then UVA rays form free radicals that damage genes and lead to cancer.

Types of Sunscreens That Suit Your Skin

Types of Sunscreens That Suit Your Skin
Types of Sunscreens That Suit Your Skin

Sunscreen products turn out to have many types that make it easy for you to choose the type that is suitable for your skin. Of the following sunscreen types, which one suits you?

  1. Gel Sunscreen

The texture is gel, easily absorbs on the skin and gives a slightly satin matte finish. Chemical based nature so comfortable to use everyday, especially as a makeup based. For those of you who have oily or acne-prone skin, this sunscreen is suitable for you.

  1. Cream Sunscreen

If your skin tends to be sensitive, you should avoid chemical sunscreen. You can choose sunscreen cream. Although some products leave white marks after application, but this type of product does not penetrate into the skin. This makes sunscreen cream safe for irritated skin.

  1. Spray Sunscreen

If you don’t want to bother, you can use sunscreen spray to protect your skin. However, for those of you who have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid this product. One of the ingredients in spray sunscreen is alcohol which can make sensitive skin irritated.

Tips on Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup

Tips on Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup

The way you can do this is by choosing sunscreen products that contain SPF. So, you can touch up as well as reapply sunscreen on your face. You can also use sunscreen spray type.

Just spray the sunscreen over your makeup. If you are a sunscreen user in the form of cream or oil, you can mix it in your cosmetic products. Then pat it using puffs over your face. Voila! Your makeup will look fresh and your skin is also protected.

Well, that was some discussion around sunscreen. As Rihanna says, don’t forget to use sunscreen to protect your skin. Yes.

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