Signs to Recognize Friends Who Can’t Be Trusted

Recognizing Friends Who Can Not Be Trusted friends who can not be trusted

Curhat becomes a habit that cannot be released from daily activities. For example, when you like to talk in whatsapp or storygram status. Well that includes curhat, right? Don’t get me wrong to talk to friends who can’t be trusted.

Not just to people, talking to social media can mean that you need attention. It turns out this way could attract someone to come. Not infrequently many friends become friends because they get acquainted online.

It doesn’t hurt indeed. But you have to pay attention to whether they are trustworthy? Do they care for you? If so, not necessarily they can be trusted. Well here’s a sign to recognize friends who can not be trusted.

Frequent Slips

People who ceplas ceplos you must have met often. People who are impressed “as it is” can actually make a less good impact if made friends curhat. This is encouraged because he tends not to think before speaking.

For example, when he is talking, he even tells others. What is said is not good, but complaining or talking to the person. You can judge in this condition he also accidentally talked about other people’s speech.

It’s not impossible that this happened to you. Just imagine with real characters and examples like this, your personal affairs are accidentally told to others. Of course you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Drama Queen

An information is not likely to be received completely exactly the same from the initial conveyer to the final recipient. In lika twists and turns of the information must have got seasoning from each dealer. That is, the information is never pure.

It can be added, it can be reduced. Well here’s what’s dangerous. There are characters of people who often exaggerate a story. Usually he adds personal opinions to make the story look dramatic.

This kind of person needs to be considered when recognizing friends who can not be trusted. It’s dangerous if what’s really going on is set up otherwise by someone of this type.

Friends Who Can’t Be Trusted Usually Lie Often

The honest man always wins, while a liar will always try to cover up his lies. Waduh very dangerous when we talk to people who often lie. Can’t imagine what our story would be like when told to him.

When you lie, this guy will carry on with it. Even to yourself as the beginning of the story takes place. One lie will always be accompanied by another.

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If you have friends with characters like this, you should apply an analysis test. Try telling an event and test the response and associate it with the event itself. When lying, he will misbehave and react without consideration.

Untrustworthy Friends Usually Oversharing

Have you ever had a friend who told you about all his personal things or anyone else? Although very rarely encountered, a friend like this actually exists. Especially when he has become a friend, it could be all presented.

Such conditions include oversharing. If interpreted, oversharing is excessive sharing. It’s natural that we can’t tell everyone everything. Even couples still have a little personal thing that their own partner does not know.

Especially if only friends, should not get to know too deeply. People like this can be categorized as friends who can’t be trusted yet. Because, the character who reveals everything can be dangerous to your story.

Telling others personal things

Well this is definitely a danger. People who like to talk about others are less likely to think long about the impact. Very many people are happy to gossip. The topic of conversation also contains things that others do not like.

It’s not advisable to tell people like this. Even if you can keep a secret, gossip type can at any time relate your story and reveal it to the audience. Of course you don’t want that to happen, do you?

To judge a person like this, you can pay attention to his activities and character. Avoid gatherings of gossipy people.

Difficulty controlling emotions

The character of labil is often found in adolescents. At this time it is associated with a period of self-discovery. However, growing up we should have been able to control these emotions. The factor that affects it is a person’s psychic condition.

People who are down will be easily offended when they hear the story of something. On the contrary, a happy person may exaggerate your story. Both of these exaggerated expressions are not very good.

Those who have difficulty controlling their own emotionsdo not deserve to be a place to talk. Even if you come just to be listened to, people with this condition can be convolved with your story.

As a result, he instantly performs unexpected actions that might upset you. Therefore, when he is in a difficult condition to manage his own emotions, stay away from him.

This time you can also use to calm down. Who knows until that friend talks back, you’re getting better. Doesn’t that sound like a good thing?

When someone is comfortable making someone else a friend, this is when you need to reanalyze. Whether the person is a believer or is precisely a friend who can not be trusted.

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Especially if you just met. Don’t carelessly give him your personal information. We are taught not to choose friends, but to have a good relationship, you have to choose.

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