Basic Techniques of Training Beloved Dogs

how to train a dog

First-time dog owners will usually complain about why it’s so hard to make a dog according to and quickly get along with their new employer. Especially if we don’t use the services of training dogs.

Previously you should know first how to train a relationship with your beloved dog. Then give training to obey the commandments of sitting, standing and more. The basic way of training your own dog is actually not too difficult, here we provide the solution. How to “take down” or the basic way of training your own dog.

The first thing you have to do before training a dog is to give you compassion. Compassion is the main capital, this is so that your beloved dog obeys and reciprocates to love its owner. When you first get acquainted with a dog, you have to hold it, stroke your head or pat the dog’s chin and chest.

This will make the dog more quickly familiar with its prospective employer. Dogs have strong instincts or instincts, even sharper than humans. When the dog is held, it is stroked or patted on the chest and chin. Her instinct would be to say that she gained affection from people she did not yet know and would later become her employer.

Give your beloved dog a name that is easy to pronounce and remember, often calling or reprimanding with its name. Introduce to your entire family how to call him. Make sure the dog knows each family member, close person or guest in your home.

Often take your dog for a walk, this is so that your dog feels protected even if it is outside the home environment. He would also be upset to see someone trying to harass his employer.

Whenever you want to give a dog basic training,try to eat your dog first or give him something that makes him happy like playing.

how to train smart dogs
How to Train a Dog

Train your dog to sit down. the way is to gently press the lower back. Every time you do that say a command line to sit like “sit” or “sit down”. If your beloved dog has obeyed orders and can sit quietly, give your dog a compliment and give it a little snack like a dog biscuit.

Train your dog to pee. Sometimes we’re bothered by our dogs cracking in any place. If you know the dog is in a place that is not the place to be, take the kototan and show it to him. After that throw it where we want it. When done over and over again, your dog will understand and obey our will.

Train your dog to recognize guests. Every time the house bell rings it means there’s a guest, order the dog to bark. If the guest is someone we know, you quickly order the dog to stop barking and stay away with a friendly greeting. Your dog can definitely distinguish every guest who comes to our house.

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Once the basic way of training your own dog is well understood by your dog, you can train it by training a higher dog.

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