Terms in Credit Cards, It’s Important To Know

Terms in Credit Cards

As a credit card holder,you not only get the right as a user, but there are obligations that you should know.

Here Are The Important Terms in Credit Card:

Terms in Credit Cards


Visa is one of the recognized credit card issuers in the international network. It is a subsidiary of Citigroup that produces Citibank. Visa is the world’s largest credit card company.


MasterCard is one of the recognized credit card issuers on the international network. Bank of America’s credit card is one of the largest credit card companies in the world.

American Express

American Express is one of the recognized credit card issuers in the international network

Interest Rate / Bunga

Interest is compensation/compensation for services to lenders provided by borrowers


A limit is the maximum amount set by a credit card for shopping that has been set by the credit card issuing bank. This limit can be increased but will be charged overlimit


Overlimit occurs when our credit card limit is already maximum. If the credit card user has a credit card, there will be an additional charge.

Annual Fee / annual dues

Annual fee is a fee that credit card users must pay each year. Each credit card issuing bank has its own fee policy. As well as dues that credit card users pay differently each level of the limit.

Monthly Fee

Monthly fee is a fee that must be paid by the credit card user every month. Usually these fees will automatically accumulate with our total credit card bills each month. Each bank has a different policy of withdrawing dues to credit card users, can be done monthly (Monthly Fee) or annual fee ( Annual Fee)

Card Holder

Card Holder is the owner or holder of the credit card

Credit Card Cash Withdrawal / Cash Advance

Cash Advance is one of the facilities of credit cards to take cash by cutting the limit of credit cards. This cash advance can be done at ATM or bank branch office of credit card issuer. However, keep in mind that for those who want to do Cash Advance, the interest charged will be greater.

Swipe Cash

Cash swipe is a withdrawal activity carried out by credit card users at certain merchants. So it’s as if the credit card holder made a transaction through a credit card merchant. However, the merchant stipulated that the cash swipe service provider does not provide goods but cash.

Additional Cards

Additional Card is one of the bank facilities provided to family members of credit card users. Bill This additional card is each

Credit Shield

Credit Shield is an additional facility for credit card holders if the credit card holder has an accident/ death so cannot settle the credit card bill.

Credit Shield will make all bills in the credit card pay off, so relatives or relatives don’t have to pay off credit card bills.

Transfer Balance

Balance Transfer reduces the transfer of credit card bills to another credit card in the same owner.

Balance transfer can be done if the credit card owner wants to close the old credit card.

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Combined Credit Limit

Combined Credit Limit is the limit amount for major and additional credit cards. For example, if a credit card user has a limit of 20 million then the total amount of the combined credit limit for the main credit card holder and the additional is 20 million.

These are some terms in credit cards that you must know in addition to having rights as a customer.

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