Bidadari Birds, Traits, Origins, and Interesting Facts

Angel Birds, Traits, Origins, and Interesting Facts

Birds Bidadari the Latin name is Semioptera Wallacii. It is an endemic bird native to Indonesia, north maluku, halmahera.

Scientific classification of halmahera Bidadari

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Grade: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Paradisaeidae
Genus: Semioptera
Species: S. wallacii
Binomial Name: Semioptera wallacii

Halmahera Bidadari bird is very worthy to be called an angel because indeed the shape and color of this bird is very beautiful, in addition to the beautiful shape of this bird has a beautiful dance.

Characteristics of Halmahera Bidadari Bird

Male and female Halmahera Bidadari
Halmahera Bidadari Bird

A common feature of halmahera’s Bidadari bird is that it is about 28 cm in medium size with olive greenish color.

The male halmahera Bidadari has an emerald green color on its chest and a crown with a shiny pale purple and purple color.

Female halmahera birds have a longer tail than males and are smaller in size than males and have an olive brown color.

A special feature or characteristic of halmahera Bidadari bird is that it has two feathers that extend from its wings, which can be erected according to the wishes of the angel halmahera.

Halmahera Bidadari Unique Facts

1. Bidadari Bird, it turns out that halmahera Bidadari is getting rare review day and has been put on Redlist by IUCN.

2. The unexpected inventor of this bird was Alfred Russel Wallace in 1858.

3. halmahera Bidadari has another name in English is Standardwing, Standard-wing Bird-of-paradise, or Wallace’s Standardwing. His Latin name is Semioptera Wallacii. And no less the local community gave its name as weak-wake.

4. Wow, halmahera Bird is the only member of semioptera genis. and become a type of Cenderawasih.

5. Food of halmahera or weak weka Bidadari birds as with most other birds namely fruits, antropada and insects.

6. The interesting fact is that the bird of the male halmahera Bidadari is polygamous.

7. Another unique and interesting fact is its narrowness. Its tinge is in the mating season. The female bird will dance to attract the attention of the female the way the male dances is very mesmerizing every eye because the color of the feathers on the body and the torso of the wings will be on display. and then the female will choose from one of the males when the mating season arrives.

It is in this mating season that we can see the dance and the sound of halmahera Bidadari birds will make our attention towards him. this is the uniqueness that amazes the eye with its dance and amazes the hearing with its sound.

8. The distribution of Bidadari birds is in the westernmost area of northern Maliku and can be found on the islands of Halmahera and Bacan.

9. Habitat of halmahera Bidadari birds in Domato forest, white land forest, lolobata forest, labi-labi forest, Gamkonora mountain and in the area of Aketajawe national park as well as on bacan island.

10. Currently the population of Bidadari birds is not known for certain. But halmahera’s bird population has declined compared to the 1980s.

This is because of the large number of people who hunt halmahera Bidadari because of the beauty of its feathers and because the habitanya that is in the forest is deforested.

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