The Function of Eucalyptus Oil During Pandemics and Disasters

Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Pandemics and disasters that welcome in 2021 seem to make us more confident to seek the benefits of eucalyptus oil. Although it looks simple, but this oil is very much useful. During pandemics, fever can be one of the most common problems. Moreover, when disasters and many people are displaced, health becomes the main thing that you can maximize by using this oil.

In one of the mass media, an Australian tribe called Aboriginal people said they had used leaves from eucalyptus as an essential oil that could help to relieve shortness of breath, fever, cough as well as sick muscle growth. This Essential Oil has been an extract from the eucalyptus tree not so long after the former Europeans first arrived on the continent.

After that, since the mid-1800s, eucalyptus oil began to get processing for commercial production. Instantly it also became very popular to the international scene.

In Indonesia itself this type of oil often gets misperceptions and is assumed to be the same as eucalyptus oil. However, eucalyptus or its scientific name melaleuca cajuput is only one family with eucalyptus myrtaceae.

Meanwhile, there are about seven hundred more species of eucalyptus worldwide. Most of them are plants that only grow in tropical countries such as Indonesia.

What Exactly Is Eucalyptus Oil?

What Exactly Is Eucalyptus Oil?
What Exactly Is Eucalyptus Oil?

Eucalyptus or s eucalyptus is one of Australia’s native trees. Counted more than seven hundred more species of eucalyptus. However, most of them are from Korea. The rest can be found in places such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines.

These trees have oils that you can find on their leaves. The oil contains compounds that are natural disinfectants that are strong and can also become toxic if in large quantities.

Since this oil got commercial processing, it became very popular at that time because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Even Eucalyptus oil also contains some active constituents and the most important is eucalyptol.

Eucalyptol has a function as an antimicrobial against various bacteria that cause a disease, fungus or virus. For certain conditions such as respiratory diseases that exist. Namely asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds and flu, this type of oil is precisely the most widely used as inhalation.

Sometimes this oil is often used as a cream or just an ointment that will be rubbed towards the chest to give a tarapeutik impression through a combination of inhalation and penetration of oil through the skin.

Not only that, eucalyptus can also be used as lozenges or throat-softening candies. This you can find in ingredients for cough medicine in small quantities

Essential Eucalyptol Content

Essential Eucalyptol Content
Essential Eucalyptol Content

Eucalyptol is a naturally found monoterpene that exists in many aromatic plants. His name is explained in one of the books called chemical book. The name of this eucalyptol exists from its presence in the essential oils Eucalyptus globulus and Melaleuca leucadendron L. In plants such as eucalyptus oil for example, eucalyptus is the main component of which eighty-five percent is the compound.

Eucalyptol is a colorless liquid that has a distinctive smell. Plus it’s a fresh and fairly pungent taste that you’ll exclusively get just by means of essential oil insulation.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil During Pandemic

The eucalyptus plant belongs to the family of guava or Myrtaceae originally from Australia, Tasmania and surrounding areas. It is known to grow very rapidly. In addition, there are many species that are known to have extraordinary heights even up to tens of meters.

Wood from eucalyptus oil is widely used as a shade tree, fuel, fence to become the foundation of collateral. But what makes this plant very valuable economically is its extraordinary efficacy in the medical world. Some of the benefits of eucalyptus as a remedy of various health problems are

Can relieve cough, for many years this oil has been one of the compositions that continue to be used in cough medicine. Its active content that serves as an antibacterial, virus and fungus acts as an expectorant that serves to dilute mucus.

Can relieve asthma, according to some studies, eucalyptol can break the mucus of people with diseases such as asthma or shortness of breath. Even for some people who have had this disease for a long time, it can begin to reduce the dose of the drug if they have undergone therapy with the help of eucalyptol.

However, before you use it, you need to consult first to get a doctor’s recommendation. For those of you who have allergies are also not allowed to use this oil because it can worsen the situation

Can prevent insect bites, in the African country eucalyptus oil is already an ingredient of folk remedies. Even this oil is also able to be a deterrent to malaria. This is because eucalyptus has a fairly strong aroma. The aroma can interfere with the sense of smell of insects. So, the smell will make it difficult for them to find the source of food that is on our skin.

For Disaster Refugees, It Can Serve as An Anti-Bacterial

For Disaster Refugees, It Can Serve as An Anti-Bacterial
For Disaster Refugees, It Can Serve as An Anti-Bacterial

In addition to being a very useful plant, this oil is also known as an antibacterial. Even eucalyptus is often classified in products such as mouthwash which is useful to help kill plaque-causing bacterial bacteria, gingivitis and also bad breath.

Eucalyptus oil can also be added to the laundry which will be useful to kill mites and also dust in bed linen, disinfect clothes and can help to make your laundry smell fresh.

A study concluded that the ointment contains eucalyptus. Plus antimicrobial substances are very useful in treating infections caused by fungi on the toenails. So, for refugees who are affected by the disaster, using eucalyptus oil will be able to minimize infection while in the refugee camp.

However, although this oil has many benefits. Eucalyptus oil is not very suitable for babies, children. Even to pregnant and lactating women. This oil is also not very suitable for people who are allergic to their plants. Preferably for the use of eucalyptus oil you should use carefully because it can cause irritation of the eyes, mucous membranes as well as the skin.

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