The Humanoid Race That Became a Legend

the legendary humanoid race

Throughout the history of human civilization, ethnicities and races have been diverse and unique. Each has its own idiosyncrasies and quirks that may sound alien to the other. We usually recognize ethnic and racial differences only by skin color, hair and eye color, beliefs, customs, or body shape. Then what if we hear of an ethnic group or race that has a physical condition that can be said to be unusual? Until now, there are still many tribes in Indonesia with their physical uniqueness where they live untouched by modernization and mysterious nature, such as the Mantee tribe in Aceh which is said to still exist today. Or for example the Moro and Berebere tribes in Maluku, the Red Foot Dayak Punan tribe in Kalimantan and the now legendary Orang Pendek in Jambi. Then if in Indonesia alone there are several unique and mysterious tribes and races, then what about other countries? Here are 6 human races that became legends


the legendary humanoid race

Abarimon is the name of a humanoid race that originated in the Himalayas or more precisely in the valley of Mount Imaus. This place is currently referred to as the Himalayan mountain range. This race has a fairly strange physical form due to the unusual shape of their feet, which have an inverted foot shape. But even though their legs look like deformities, they are able to run very fast. Attempts to capture them have always failed because they are so wild. Local legend has it that they live in an area with a special quality of air that, if inhaled over a long period of time, would make it impossible for a person to live through the air of any other area or place. Because of this, the people there never leave their area, as they would not be able to survive elsewhere.

Abarimon is said to be a race untouched by civilization and does not wear clothes. But they have a clever tactic to fool those who would catch them, which is to wear a mask on the back of their head, making them look like other humans with normal legs. So the people who would arrest them were fooled into thinking they were not Abarimon.

The tribe was first introduced in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History (VII 11), then in Aulus Gellius’ Attic Nights, which was a book that talked about grammar, philosophy, history, antiquarianism, and so on.

This Abarimon race is rumored to be very similar in physical characteristics to the mythological Ciguapa creature from Dominica.


the legendary humanoid race

This race emerged in the Zulu society and became one of their mythological creatures. Abatwa are described as having very small bodies of only about 5 millimeters, similar to dwarves, so they are able to hide themselves among the grass and even ride on ants. This breed is nomadic, moving from place to place in an effort to hunt.

When they go hunting in groups, they ride a horse. A horse for the whole group and they sit in a row from the neck to the tail of the horse. If they fail to find prey while hunting, they will kill and eat the horse they are riding. If by any chance anyone accidentally steps on this creature, then retaliation with a volley of arrows that have been treated with a powerful poison will await you.


the legendary humanoid race

The Anthropophagi, often referred to as Anthropopagus by the Greeks, are a mythological race and were first described as a cannibal society by Herodotus in the book Histories as Androphagi (history of the cannibals).

The eminent writer William Shakespeare also alluded to this race in his works The Merry Wives of Windsor (1602) and Othello (1605) which are based on English folklore and mythology. This is why in popular culture these creatures are depicted as headless but with a face attached to their torso. However, it is stated that this is Shakespeare’s interpretation that refers to another mythological creature called Blemmy. Blemmy is different from Anthropophagi.


the legendary humanoid race

The Basajaun are a mythological race that originated from the Basque people. They are an ancient humanoid race that has a large and strapping body and hairy and is considered a contributor to the construction of Megalith culture or large stone culture. Basajun, which means: ruler of the forest, inhabits the Basque Pyrenees mountain range in northern Spain and southern France. It is said that they are skilled in witchcraft and have bodies as tall as 2 to 3 meters. They have long, dark reddish hair that reaches their knees. These people are the protectors of livestock, and if something happens and the livestock are in danger, they will shout out a warning to the herdsmen. They will also prevent wolves from disturbing or preying on livestock. Basqus legends also mention that this tribe was the first to start cultivating crops, cultivating animals and raising livestock on this earth.

Ebu Gogo

the legendary humanoid race

This one comes from our country, Indonesia. Ebu Gogo is a very human-like creature that comes from the mythology of the people in Flores. These creatures are similar to Leprechauns or Elves. Ebu Gogo, which means eater of everything, is described as a humanoid creature that is not too tall, where their body height is only about 1 meter. Their bodies are covered in fur, they have an awkward gait and speak like mumbling. They are said to parrot the words of the locals and eat everything raw, from grains of rice to a puppy or pig.


the legendary humanoid race

These creatures from Irish mythology are thought to be a race of half-humans and half-gods and they inhabited the territory of Ireland in the past. They are believed to be beings that precede the gods similar to the existence of the Titans in ancient Greece. It is also said that they are the embodiment of the god of chaos and the wild. They are the embodiment of the gods for the Pre-Goidelic population in the Irish region. Based on Irish Etymology, Fomorian in ancient Irish is called Fo Moire while in modern Irish it is called Faoi Muire which means coming from the ocean. That’s why pirates in Ireland were labeled Fomorians.

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