The World’s Scariest Place

the world's scariest place

Everything that is a mystery does make a lot of people curious. From conspiracy theories, aliens, crime mysteries, to places that hold a million long and terrifying historical stories.

There are some of those stories that make us shake our heads, frown or even be frightened. Of the various scary stories, the moment that will be discussed is the gloom of a particular place or location. I’m sure in our country there are many mysterious places that make the feathers stand that may even be scarier than all the places in the world,but this time all that will be discussed are the 7 locations in the world that are claimed to be included in the list of the scariest places.


the world's scariest place

For decades after opening in 1867, The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum was considered the best known psychiatric institution in Australia. The psychiatric institution is often referred to as Mayday Hills treating 1,200 patients, some of whom were coerced and without evidence that they suffered from psychiatric disorders, including one who was an 8-year-old who was sent there for stealing horses and staying there until he was 85. These patients should be faced with harsh treatment, required to use a straitjacket,accompanied by outdated treatments as well as several other obstacles including that they are not allowed to leave the place.

In addition to being scary, this asylum also holds a disan: Dr. Thomas Dick who is the manager at the place is rumored to always use umbrellas if walking at night, related to his belief that moonlight can make people crazy.

By the time the facility closed in 1995, about 3,000 people had died in the asylum during the 128 years it operated and their ghosts were believed to still roam the former asylum. Ghostly sightings have reportedly emerged from the basement, doors open by themselves and the sound of children laughing and playing in the abandoned place in the middle of the night.

Nowadays, tourists can come to this place and may meet the ghosts of its inhabitants by following one of the available Beechworth Ghost Tours tour packages. Visitors will be ushered through the spaces that hold many stories in this place. At the former kitchen location, visitors often feel like someone is tickling their ribs and clothes in the pull. Recently a photo was released showing a ghostly sighting of a young girl who appeared to be kneeling inside the former asylum.


the world's scariest place

Originally named Isla de las Munecas or Doll Island, this place south of Mexico City is a place that is considered terrible by decorating parts of used dolls hung on the trees that are there.

It is said that more than half a century ago a recluse named Don Julian Santana Barrera, who was a keeper of one of the floating gardens on lake Xochimilco found the body of a girl who had drowned. Some time later he found a doll floating in the same lake. He believed that the doll belonged to the girl, so the doll hung it on a tree in honor of the girl. Haunted by the guilt of not being able to save the young woman, Barrera claims she heard screams and footprints after the girl’s body was found. He kept a close reminisce about the girl by continuing to reproduce the body parts of the hanged doll. It was from here that rumors emerged that it was these doll body parts that haunted the island, stalking visitors through their puppet spies, and whispering to visitors as they passed by. Barrera died in 2001, but this Doll’s Island, though unsettling, remains a tourist destination.


the world's scariest place

The Sedlec Ossuary or Skull/Bone Church is a small chapel located in the suburb of Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic. Built as a final resting place of burial remains around the area, it is decorated with more than 40,000 boness and human skulls on some parts of the building and its accessories. In the middle of the room hangs a chandelier or chandelier decorated with a single bone of the human body. Ornaments decorating skulls and human bones adorn every entrance, ceiling of the chapel and also the main altar. This Skull Church is indeed a terrible resting place.


the world's scariest place

During charles gounod’s opera production of ‘Faust’ at the Princess Theater, Melboune, an actor named Frederick Baker literally devoted his entire life and death to the theater.

Legend has it that the actor better known by the stage name ‘Frederici’ who at the time played the character Mephistopeles once told his fellow actors: I will give you the best performance tonight, but it will kill me. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. During the final scenes – the scene in which the antagonist Mephistopeles is told to fall to hell – Baker has a heart attack just as he is lowered through the trap door shortly after chanting his final dialogue.

It is believed Baker’s ghost is still wandering around the theater, becoming a kind of Phantom of the Opera. Tourists visiting the place often feel the presence of ‘someone with a transparent pale face watching’ dressed officially complete with a stature similar to the actor’s. Some say that the actor’s ghost is waiting backstage, preparing to present his unforgettable performance.


the world's scariest place

Built in the early 1700s, this hunting lodge is located around Dublin and is considered one of the creepiest places in Ireland. Hellfire Club members come from high social and political ranks but come to gamble or do other activities that are not good. A legend tells us that one day a creature with nails split like cloven hooves participated in a card game with members of hellfire club and then raib along with the end of the game. It is unclear whether this terrible figure won or lost the card game.


the world's scariest place

Communism in Russia may have been a bye, but two prominent Communist figures, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, still haunt the Kremlin, the country’s iconic fortress.

The ghosts of Lenin and Stalin are still often seen around the building complex after their deaths. There are rumors that at a time when the country is facing a crisis, stalin’s ghost will come with a cold that makes the audience there shiver in the cold.

Not only are they still haunting the Kremlin, it is told that the shadow of Tsar Ivan the Terrible who died in 1584 often roamed inside Ivan The Great Bell Tower in the Kremlin. If you are there and visit this place, you can also hear the sound of the steps.


the world's scariest place

The brewery was the first hotel in Savannah, named the City Hotel in the early 1800s. During the civil war, the Hotel was often the scene of fights, during which one of the Yankees was killed by a member of the Confederacy. Today, Moon River Brewing Company customers often watch beer bottles fly randomly thrown by the invisible. Visitors have also told me that they saw Toby, the ghost of the boxer who haunted the place, who looked as if he was looking forward to a fight at the bar.

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