Those Who Have Been Mysteriously Missing for Years

mysterious missing person

There are many cases of missing people in the world. They are missing for many reasons. It could be due to kidnapping, murder, deliberately leaving home or having an accident. Some have not been revealed for years, while others have found the light.

Among the many cases of missing persons in this world, there are some cases that are so phenomenal that the world’s attention was focused on them. They disappeared so mysteriously that even today, after decades, all that remains are theories about why they disappeared, or where they are now. Here are 6 people who mysteriously disappeared in the world

John Cabot (1499)

mysterious missing person

He was an Italian explorer, and this Jhon Cabot was the second European to set foot in the Americas in 1497. Cabot reportedly disappeared along with five ships that accompanied his expedition at that time in an effort to find a route from Europe to Asia. This incident took place in 1499, and of course at that time there was no coastal rescue team and no Global Positioning System (GPS) to help them.

But what is remarkable is that five of these ships disappeared. Usually if a ship is sunk or hijacked, the ship or at least parts of it will be found sooner or later. This time, however, it was five ships and all of them vanished. The most likely theory is that the ships were caught in a violent storm and were blown to pieces.

Glenn Miller (1944)

mysterious missing person

Born in Clarinda, Iowa, the man is a renowned musician and leader of a leading American Jazz band. Glenn Miller was reported to have mysteriously disappeared while traveling to Paris to entertain American soldiers in France during World War II, as well as to celebrate the liberation of Paris from the grip of Nazi Germany. Not many people knew about this because on the same day the public’s attention was focused on the Germans who launched an offensive attack that became known as the Battle of the Bulge, and immediately flooded the news at that time.

No one ever knew exactly what happened to Miller’s single-engine plane as it passed over the Channel Strait that separates England from France. Miller and his plane disappeared without a trace. There is speculation that Miller’s plane was shot down by a German fighter. The second speculation is that the plane was hit by a spark from a bomb dropped by the British on the way back after an aborted bombing mission, where the plane could not land with a bomb, so because the mission was canceled, the bomb was released into the sea. What is certain is that the cause of Miller’s disappearance is still a mystery.

Amelia Earhart (1937)

mysterious missing person

His name is well known especially after his mysterious disappearance. It is arguably the most recognized missing persons case in the world, especially since it involves theories related to the Bermuda Triangle area. This female aviator, along with her navigator named Fred Noonan mysteriously disappeared in the middle of a mission around the world starting from New Guinea to a small island called Howlands.

The logical explanation is that they got lost and ran out of fuel, forcing them to make a sea landing, which was fatal for the twin-engine Lockheed aircraft Earhart was piloting. Speculation about this case has been rife. Most notably, Earhart and her plane fell victim to the Bermuda Triangle. But there are still some other opinions. There is a claim by someone that Earhart was captured by Japanese soldiers while crossing the Marshal Islands on a secret mission ordered by President Roosevelt. There are also theories that he was stranded on an island in the Pacific Ocean, and some say that he lived until 1970 after somehow managing to return to America and live with a new identity. But what is certain is that Earhart, her navigator and her plane have left no trace at all to date.

Raoul Wallenberg (1945)

mysterious missing person

Raoul Gustaf Wallenberg was a Swedish architect, businessman, diplomat and humanist. He is known for his bravery, having saved around 20,000 Hungarian Jews during World War II. Unfortunately, he was arrested for espionage by the Soviet army in Hungary after WWII, and since then, his fate and whereabouts have been a mystery.

However, there are people who give testimony regarding her sightings. In fact, the last sighting according to eyewitnesses was recorded in the 80s. In 2001, a Swedish and Russian panel was formed to conduct research on him for 10 years. It was concluded that Wallenberg was most likely executed by Soviet soldiers in 1947, but there is no solid evidence to support this conclusion to date.

Harold Holt (1967)

mysterious missing person

Before his disappearance, Harold Edward Holt was the Prime Minister of Austalia. On a Sunday morning in December 1967 he went swimming at Cheviot Beach, Victoria and has been mysteriously missing ever since. Of course, a massive search ensued, the largest rescue mission ever undertaken in Australia, but unfortunately his body has not been found to date.

From then on, rumors began to arise regarding Holt’s disappearance. Among them was that he deliberately faked his death to escape and live with his mistress. Others say she committed suicide, and attribute it to a certain urban legend. There are also rumors that he was kidnapped by a Chinese submarine or abducted by aliens and immediately flown away in a UFO. What is certain is that at the time of the incident, Holt was physically fit. He could have been carried away by the strong currents at the beach location, but Holt’s disappearance still remains a mystery.

DB Cooper (1971)

mysterious missing person

This case is unique if not outlandish, especially in the world of aviation and crime. There was a man called DB Cooper who hijacked a Boeing 727 in the skies over Washington DC on November 24, 1971. After he received the requested ransom of 200,000 USD or 1 million dollars at current exchange rates from the authorities, he surprisingly parachuted out of the plane from 10,000 feet and has not been heard from since.

A massive search involving a thousand soldiers, submarines, spy planes failed to find any clues. Many scenarios and conjectures about who she really was and what happened to her emerged and the real story remained uncovered. Until 1980, a child playing on the banks of the Columbia River found a pile of dollar bills buried in the mud.

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From this it was concluded that DB Cooper probably died in his plunge. However, the money that the child found only amounted to approximately 5000 USD. The whereabouts of DB Cooper and the rest of the money remains a mystery until now. The FBI continued to investigate until 2016, when DB Cooper was estimated to be 90 years old if still alive.

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