First Flight Tips For Safe and Comfortable

Tips for Getting On a Plane For Your First New Try

Have you ever traveled by plane? News of the flight service accident in Indonesia again occurred on Saturday (09/01) yesterday. Yes, Sriwijaya Air flight to Jakarta-Pontianak crashed and crashed on Lancang Island, Kep. Thousand.

The group was carrying 53 adults, 5 children and 1 infant passenger. This incident can certainly cause fear when we want to get on a plane. Especially for people who are new to first use the flight service. However, you don’t have to worry. Check out some of these tips to make your trip more ready and calm.

First Time Using Flight Services?

Of course, for some, air travel is very common, but what if this is your first experience? The first experience will remind you of many things, such as how to book a ticket, what you should do at airport check-in, how to store luggage, and so on.

Since this is your first experience, you’ll definitely need a practical and complete guide to learn how to board a plane for the first time. For this purpose, we collect all the important information you need in one place.

What to Prepare Before Boarding?

The preparation you make will determine whether your future journey can run smoothly. Preparations include reading a guide on how to board a plane for the first time. In this way, you do not need to be confused to go to which terminal. You don’t have to guess how much free baggage allowance the airline is allowed, and so on. Before departure, please note the following:

1. Booking Tickets Easier Through The App

Easier Ticket Booking Through App
Easier Ticket Booking Through App

Paper tickets are easily lost or tucked away. If this happens, you’ll get in trouble before you leave. With the app, you don’t need to print a ticket because it’s already an electronic ticket stored in your app and will only be displayed at check-in. In addition, there are also many interesting promos that only apply to App users.

You’ll need to download the app on your Android or iOS version of your smartphone first, then book the app’s flights.

2. Pay Attention to Baggage Regulations Before Boarding

Each airline has a policy regarding free baggage allowance. This is important for you to prevent you from paying extra for heavy luggage.

In fact, there are more practical ways to know each airline’s free baggage allowance. On the search page, select one of the desired flights, swipe the box left until the “Details” information appears on the far right, then click a description to see flight details.

The description contains information about prices, flight numbers, departure and destination airports, and free baggage allowances.

3. Make Sure You Remember Your Departure Terminal

Information about your departure terminal can be found on the issued e-ticket. For a small airport with only one take-off and landing terminal, you don’t have to worry. If you have to leave from an airport with many terminals, the situation will be different.

The Day of Departure By Plane Has Arrived. What Should You Do?

The Day of Departure By Plane Has Arrived. What Should You Do?
The Day of Departure By Plane Has Arrived. What Should You Do?

After all the preparations are complete, the day of departure has arrived! Feeling tense? Of course, but rest assured and stay calm. Here are the things you need to pay attention to on the day of departure.

1. Arrive at the Airport Early

To avoid unnecessary things, such as late check-in at the airport or missed your flight, it is recommended that you arrive an hour or two before your scheduled flight.

To make your airport trip more comfortable, there is no harm in booking the airport shuttle service a few days ago.

2. Prepare E-ticket and KTP for Airport Inspection

Upon check-in at the airport, the system will ask you to present a valid ticket and ID, which may include id, driver’s license, or passport.

For tickets, all you have to do is show the e-ticket stored in the App to the check-in officer without having to print it out. Therefore, it is best to keep your KTP and smartphone in a place that is easy to reach.

3. Avoid Carrying Prohibited Items

When you first use the flight service, you need to know what items are not allowed in the cabin. But it may still be stored in your luggage.

4. Check In Baggage at the Airport Before Boarding

Don’t bring all the stuff into the cabin. Remember, you have a baggage allowance based on the policies of the airline you’re using. You only need to bring one or two duffel bags into the cabin to store important and valuable items, such as smartphones, jewelry, wallets and more.

What if your baggage weight exceeds the allow allow limit? You can purchase additional baggage at a certain price according to the terms of each airline.

5. It’s Important To Know Where to Wait

When you check in at the airport, you will get a boarding pass, which is your “ticket”. The boarding pass contains information about the flight number, seat number, and gate number (door). Be sure to wait at the correct gate, as you will only be able to enter through this gate later.

6. When Boarding, Follow All The Rules

Immediately after boarding, you will be asked to turn off your phone to avoid interference to the airship navigation system. In addition, you will be required to wear a seat belt as instructed. For one more thing, pay attention to the flight safety demos demonstrated by the crew.

What Should You Do When Landing at The Destination Airport?

Your flight went smoothly and has landed at its destination. So, what to do next?

Don’t Turn On Your Phone While Boarding

It is not surprising to meet another passenger who turns on his phone immediately after landing. In fact, even if an airship has landed, a mobile phone signal can interfere with communication between the pilot and the airport’s air traffic controller. This is why airline crews always ask passengers to turn on their phones once they arrive at the airport building.

Retrieving Your Luggage From Baggage

Retrieving Your Luggage From Baggage
Retrieving Your Luggage From Baggage

Carefully check the baggage number given to you. This number is a sticker that is usually affixed to your boarding pass. Don’t forget to count the number of suitcases or other items you left beforehand to make sure there’s nothing left.

If you do not leave your luggage outside upon check-in at the airport, you are free to leave without stopping to pick up your luggage.

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This is a guide to what you need to pay attention to when boarding a plane for the first time. It is also important not to panic or ask awkwardly to airport staff if you do not understand. Bye, bye!

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