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Discussing social media is endless, even every day we use social media to communicate with family, friends, friends, girlfriends and partners. Social media that speeds up two-way interaction is usually via chat. In addition to social media whose function is to communicate efficiently, there is also social media that is useful for fun, increasing popularity to sell. One of them with an instagram feed.

Instagram social media is popular from teenagers to parents who are in the current parent category. By uploading photos or creating instagrammed videos they can feel their existence being recognized. There is even a live video feature that also enhances their existence.

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Some who are good in the world of photographers will present an interesting instagram feed aka display. However, do not be disappointed for those of you who are not good. You can still present interesting feeds with the following tips;

Create Instagram Feed Theme Photos According to Hobbies

Uploading photos according to hobbies will look interesting. You can list some hashtags or hashtags to attract the attention of instagram residents. By uploading photos of hobbies such as traveling, cooking, making crafts not only make the feed on your Instagram good, but you can also inspire many people.

Match Filters Between Photos With Each Other

Furthermore, you can equate filters between photos with other photos. The goal is to make the photos more palatable. On instagram display every line there are three photos tuh, you can equate every three photos or six photos. There are many choices of filters on instagram, you can choose according to your taste.

Equating Photo Themes

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If you want to create random photo feeds, you can also liken them. Like in the first row of traveling, the next three hangout with friends. Well, even though it’s random from your activities, it’s still good to see.

Playing Motifs Available on Instagram

In addition to features, you can also play motifs on the display of your photos. Not only filters that you can use, because there are several motifs that you can use to decorate your photos according to your creations. You can add lines around your photos, or with writing etc.

Reduce Instagram Feeds dengan Selfie Photos

Finally, the most important thing about setting your previous feed is to reduce selfies. Sometimes someone uploads a selfie with the same shirt, the same place, it’s just a different look on his face. Not really when you look at it. Can be blocked insagram user friends. Reducing selfies not only embellishs your feed but also prevents reduced followers.

You who still exist in the world of instagram can try tuh, some tips so that people feel at home to see your instagram feed. Who knows with a good setting and photos that are of good use and quality, you can become a celebrity. Good-bye!

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