Unique Traditions In Other Parts of The Country On Valentine’s Day

valentine tradition in laib country

Valentine’s Day traditions such as gift exchange, flower giving, chocolate giving, dinner date, and others may be common during Valentine’s Day including in Indonesia. However, in some other countries, Valentine’s Day is not just about giving chocolate or doing other romantic things, but there are certain activities that have become a tradition in the country when valentine celebrations arrive.

Some traditions in other countries are considered quite unique because they are different from valentine traditions in Indonesia.

Approximately, what are some unique traditions that are commonly done in other countries on Valentine’s Day or known as valentines day? let’s take a look at the review below.

Valentine’s Day symbolized pig (Germany)

Valentine's Day symbolized pig (Germany)
Pig-shaped keychain

Usually Valentine’s Day is symbolized by the symbol “heart”. But in Germany, you’ll find a unique feel on Valentine’s Day. If you celebrate Valentine’s Day in Germany, there will be many Valentine’s trinkets related to pigs.

Pigs are believed to symbolize luck and lust in Germany so that when Valentine arrives, most Germans will receive many gifts symbolizing pigs such as pig-shaped chocolate, pig trinkets to greeting cards with pictures of pigs.

Orchids given to couples in Peru

Orchids given to couples in Peru
Orchids as a Valentine’s gift in Peru

Roses are one type of flower that is commonly used as a gift when celebrating Valentine. It is different from the flowers used as gifts in a country in western South America namely Peru.

Orchid is a type of flower used as a valentine gift for her partner in Peru.

The belief that waking up early on Valentine’s Day will get to see a soul mate (Italy)

wake up early on Valentine's Day will be able to see a soul mate (Italy)

When Valentine’s Day arrives, the traditions performed in Italy are arguably very unique. Italian society believes that if single women wake up early, then they can see their soul mates.

There is a belief that the first man a woman sees on Valentine’s Day, then that is the person who will marry her within a year.

The tradition of keeping leaves on pillows can meet a soul mate (English)

The tradition of keeping leaves on pillows can meet a soul mate (English)
Photo saving leaves on pillows in the UK

In The United Kingdom, there is a tradition that is commonly done especially for single women on Valentine’s Day. The tradition is to keep the leaves behind pillows before the day of affection arrives.

On the night before Valentine’s Day, the women would put five bay leaves on their pillows, one in each corner and one in the center of the pillow.

British society, especially unmarried women, believe that if they do so, their dream of meeting and marrying a future husband will soon come true.

Tradition of mask parades and unique valentine’s fashions (Guatemala, Central America)

Tradition of mask parades and unique valentine's fashions (Guatemala, Central America)
Parade of masks and clothes on Valentine’s Day

In Guatemala, there is a unique tradition that is common on Valentine’s Day, which is to hold a parade in El Dia del Carino. People attending the parade dressed up in fur masks and unique mayan-inspired clothing. He said the parade was carried out as a form of expressing one’s affection for those around him.

Citrus fruit throwing tradition (Malaysia)

Citrus fruit throwing tradition (Malaysia)
Throw oranges on Valentine’s Day in Malaysia

On Valentine’s Day, there is a unique tradition carried out by people of Chinese descent living in Malaysia. The Chinese keturuna women would write their phone numbers in an orange and then throw it into the river. They believe that by doing so, there will be a man who finds the orange and then contacts him.

Tradition of making and drinking wine (Bulgaria)

Tradition of making and drinking wine (Bulgaria)
Couple enjoy wine on Valentine’s Day in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, actually february 14th is not called Valentine’s Day, but Saint Trifon Zarezan Day which is also known as Winemaker’s Day. So, on that date, couples in bulgarian countries both young and old will celebrate valentines day by making and enjoying a glass of wine together

The tradition of exchanging Snowdrops flowers and sending witty letters on Valentine’s Day (Denmark)

The tradition of exchanging Snowdrops flowers and sending witty letters on Valentine's Day (Denmark)
Gaekkebrev (witty letter) and snowdrop flowers

If in Indonesia more use roses as a gift for his partner, then in Denmark instead use white snowdrop flowers to give to his partner. Not only that, on Valentine’s Day, the Danish men also sent Gaekkebrev.

Gaekkebrev is a letter containing witty poems written on patterned cut paper and then signed with only nameless dots. Later, the women who get the letter will guess who the sender of the letter is. If it is true, then the woman will get an Easter egg in the same year.

Tradition of giving two types of chocolate on Valentine’s Day (Japan)

Tradition of giving two types of chocolate on Valentine's Day (Japan)
Chocolate as a valentine’s gift in Japan

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is arguably a woman’s day. Because, on the day of affection, the women will share two types of chocolate. The first is Choco Giri to share with friends and colleagues. Second, Honmei Choco was given to her beloved.

Tradition of putting up love padlocks (Paris)

Tradition of putting up love padlocks (Paris)
Photos of padlocks and key throwing as valentine’s tradition in Paris

In Paris just as Valentine’s Day arrived, many people came to visit the Ponts des Arts to put love locks on the bridge and throw the keys into the Seine river.

Until now, the tradition is still carried out by the people of Paris, even tourists who visit there do the same.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated three times on every 14th from February to April (South Korea)

Valentine's Day is celebrated three times on every 14th from February to April (South Korea)
Photos of Jajangmyeon

In South Korea, valentine’s day celebrations are celebrated from February to April on every 14th. On February 14, the women first gave chocolates or gifts to their partners. Then the men will reciprocate by giving their partner the item they like on March 14, otherwise known as White Day.

Well while on April 14, it’s the turn of single men or women who celebrate Valentine. Valentine’s Day for singles is called Black Day.

Usually they will celebrate by eating jajangmyeon, noodles mixed with black bean paste to lament their solitude status.

Tradition of carving wooden spoons to give to his mates (Wales)

valentine tradition of carving wooden spoons to give to his partner (Wales)
Photo of carved wooden spoon

On Valentine’s Day in the country of Wales, people there do not celebrate Saint Valentine, but celebrate Saint Dwynwe or protectors of lovers. One of the unique traditions carried out as a celebration of the day is that men will carve wooden spoons forming various symbols that have different meanings to give to their loved ones.

Some examples of symbols carved into wooden spoons such as horseshoe symbols symbolize good luck, wheels that symbolize support, to keys as key symbols of a man’s heart.

Tradition of mass weddings on Valentine’s Day (Philippines)

the tradition of mass wedding valentine on Valentine's Day (Philippines)
Mass wedding photos as a valentine tradition in the Philippines

If other countries generally exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, in the Philippines it is quite different. Couples in the Philippines will take their relationship to a more serious level: marriage. Hundreds of couples will hold mass weddings on Valentine’s Day. Usually they will gather to conduct mass weddings in public places such as malls, squares to shopping centers.

Uniquely, this tradition is also supported by the local government. The form of support from the government is to pay the cost of wedding receptions, bouquets to wedding cakes.

Tradition of putting heart-shaped paper on the sleeve (South Africa)

Tradition of putting heart-shaped paper on the sleeve (South Africa)

In South Africa, to celebrate Valentine’s day, women will write the name of their partner or the man they like on a heart-shaped paper and then attach it to the sleeve of the outfit worn on Valentine’s Day. This is done as a means to express his heart.

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Well, quite unique also yes traditions in some countries above when celebrating Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, there is one that you can inspire to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your beloved or beloved family.

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