Types of Koi Fish That Are Much Sought After

Types of Koi Fish That Are Much Sought After

Who does not know and see koi fish, yes this catik fish is so famous in its kind. Many people love this fish, besides unique koi fish is a hockey-carrying fish and also luck. Fish that is a close relative of goldfish is a very beautiful and elegant fish and has a lot of types, each type of koi has its own characteristics. Nor is it in terms of color and size.

In Japan Koi is always maintained in a house as a home decoration, and certainly bring hockey. Along with the development of the era and technological advances, the type of koi fish is increasing with crossbreeding and many more, so that the koi fish with high economic quality and also much in search in the market. Many indonesian people cultivate this type of fish, because the price is expensive in the market.

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Here are the types of koi fish along with their respective advantages:

Gin Rin Kohaku Butterfly Koi

Gin Rin Kohaku Butterfly Koi

Gin Rin Kohaku Butterfly Koi is a unique Koi where the livery of this fish is very elegant with red color and sometimes golden yellow. This fish is often maintained in the pond in front of the house and usually this type of Koi fish is believed to be a hockey carrier.

Gin Rin Shiro Bekko

Fish Koi Gin Rin Shiro Bekko

Gin Rin Shiro Bekko has almost the same characteristics as a goldfish, it’s just that this fish has a very distinctive color with a very charming complexion. flat price inkan is not too expensive but as in my city pematangsiantar fish is very difficult to get.

Koi fish type Scales Gin Rin Share

Koi Scales Gin Rin Share is a unique Koi where the scales of this fish are very beautiful with a variety of sides that stand out. This fish is a prmadona in Japan.

Koi Fish Showa color

Types of Koi Fish Showa color

This Showa color koi is very beautiful and has advantages where the fish is very clean and does not like the murky water. Koi showa color is very suitable in the aquarium.

Kohaku Koi Fish

Kohaku Koi Fish

Koi Kohaku is the most popular koi, because it has a very beautiful color combined with a distinctive and colorful color.

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