Healthy and Safe Food Types For Hamsters

Healthy and Safe Food Types For Hamsters

Hamsters include mini-sized rodents. In this world there are different types of hamsters in almost every country. Hamsters eat any food that rodents eat.

One of the species of hamsters that are widely used as pets is the Campbell breed. Let’s find out more about this hamster species. Here’s information on Campbell’s hamster:

  • Latin Name: Phodopus campbelli.
  • Size: 10 to 11.5 cm.
  • Origin:Central Asia, including Mongolia, China, and Northern Russia.
  • Life Period:1 to 2 years, can also be more than that.
  • Temperament: Hmaster Campbell has a curious nature.
  • Diversity: Campbell’s hamster is found in a variety of colors ranging from brown, white, beige, gray and black with red or black eyes.

In addition hamsters are included in animals that can eat any food, ranging from fruits, vegetables to meat. However, usually to feed the hamster, it is best to see what the hamster eats in its wildlife in nature.

Wild hamsters feed on grains, grass, as well as insects. Therefore, like humans, hamsters are categorized as omnivorous animals. On that basis, usually hamster food sold in animal shops is a combination of fruit, vegetables, and meat.

Healthy and Safe Food Types For Hamsters
Hamster Food

Types of Food That Hamsters Like

Hamsters love to eat fruit and vegetables, but you have to pay attention to the amount they give. It is not uncommon to see a hamster still be asking for food even though he still keeps food in his storage.

If you’re too generous in giving you fruit and vegetables, then your beloved hamster can get diarrhea. Hamsters love to eat carrots, however you shouldn’t give them too many carrots, because the sugar content in carrots is high enough, your hamster can be obese because of it. In addition to carrots, other types of food that hamsters love are broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, apples, pears, and bananas. You should never give your hamster orange or onion fruit, as its high acid content in both foods can cause the hamster’s stomach to run into trouble.

You can also give your pet a special meal. Give once a week to a hamster, a hard-boiled egg or maggot. Both are great sources of protein for hamsters.

Although we know that hamsters can be fed meat, we also often hear that if meat is given to hamsters then it can trigger cannibalism behavior in hamsters. Is that true? Not. It’s a growing myth that doesn’t need to be believed. Indeed, it does not cover the possibility of adult hamsters to eat young hamsters, but it does occur if the hamster appears unhealthy, or if there is not enough food or water available.

In some cases, hamsters sometimes kill, or prey on, their neighbors if the environment in which they live is too dense and unsc clean. Nmaun, the behavior is not caused by the administration of meat into its food menu. So, you don’t have to worry about giving meat to your beloved hamster.

Watch Hamster Food Types

Although hamsters belong to animals that can eat any food, you should never give it a food that has a sharp or taper shape, because if the hamster stores it to its neck, it can cause serious injury to your pet hamster. In addition, as long as you give the hamster a balanced nutritious food, again fresh, then the hamster will also feel good.

How Much Food Is Given?

According to website, Syrian hamsters should be fed as much as 10 grams once eaten at a frequency of 2 times a day. However, that number is not the amount of food that definitely applies to each hamster, you also have to see what your hamster’s appetite is, because the appetite of each hamster is certainly different, depending on the condition of each.

When Should You Feed Hamsters?

The best thing to know is to know his life in nature. Hamsters living in the wild will usually go out fore for food at night. They have their own reason, which is to avoid predators during the day. Even so, hamsters also like to eat continuously or snack several times throughout the day. Therefore, to meet his needs, you must pay attention to the needs of your hamster’s food and diet.

Whatever the circumstances remember to always feed fresh hamsters at all times of their meal. Not only that, but you should also provide clean water for your beloved hamster, and wash the hamster drinking container at least once a week.

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The water given should not contain too much chlorine, if the water you want to give contains high levels of chlorine, then you should filter it first before giving it to your pet hamster.

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