Types of Beautiful Flower Ornamental Plants

Types of Flower Ornamental Plants

One type of ornamental plants that are widely liked by people is the type of flower ornamental plants. Flowers have attractive petals, and are also beautiful, making them much liked and become prima donnas for lovers of houseplants.

Here are some types of flower ornamental plants that you can try to care for and decorate your home so that it becomes more beautiful.

Orchid Flower

Types of Ornamental Plants Orchids

Who is not familiar with one of these typical and original Indonesian flowers? yes, orchids are one type of ornamental plants in pots that are widely liked and also widely cultivated by people. This flower has many species or species, spread throughout Indonesia. There are at least 5000 types of orchids in Indonesia. It’s a lot, isn’t it? Many orchids are deliberately cultivated or grow wild.


Types of Ornamental Plants Roses

It is an ornamental plant that symbolizes love. Roses are made up of a wide variety of species and are also one of the most popular types of flowers around the world.

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Although not fragrant, but roses are in great demand because of their beauty and also the color variations are very interesting and also beautiful. Many people use this rose as an outdoor ornamental plant or indoor ornamental plants that can beautify the room.

Jasmine Flower Ornamental Plants

Jasmine Flowers
Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine is a type of ornamental plants that have a very distinctive fragrance, making it one of the types of fragrance flowers that are widely used, either as a mixture of drinks, celebrations – certain celebrations, or just as a regular fragrance. Jasmine flowers are often used as decorations indoors, or outdoors, depending on the taste and desire of the owner.


Flower Shoes

Is a type of flowers and also ornamental plants that are found in various locations, and able to grow wildly or intentionally cultivated. The bright red color and also the easy red of this flower make this flower much liked, and become one of the alternative flowers that often decorate the yard of the house. In addition, the growth process of hibiscus also tends to be easy and easy loh.


Cambodian flowers

The flower that is often used as the next ornamental plant is cambodian flower. This flower has a beautiful and attractive white color, and coupled with the beauty of its leaves are also charming. Cambodia is often used as an outdoor ornamental plant that decorates the terrace, yard, or living room in the house. Oh yes, this Cambodian plant also has benefits as a medicinal plant loh. Cambodian plants are able to inhibit disentery, tuberculosis, inflammation of the respiratory tract, and also hepatitis.

Kemuning Flower Ornamental Plants

Kemuning Flower
Kemuning Flower

One type of flower plant that is able to give off another strong fragrance is kemuning flowers. This small flower with white chewing petals is one of the alternative options for lovers of flowers and also ornamental plants. Its small and also cute shape makes this flower one of the most interesting types of flowers. The treatment is also very easy. You can simply put the kemuning flower in a location with enough sunlight, so it is suitable to be the flower that you put outside the house, aka outdoor.


Ornamental Plants Of Your Natural Flowers

Alamanda flower is a type of flower that is often found growing wild. This bright yellow flower usually grows in groups and also swarms. The large petals and beautiful blooms make Alamanda flower become one of the ornamental flowers that grow in the yard or garden. In addition, alamanda ornamental plants are also often placed in pots, or left to grow just like that in the soil.

Kenanga Flower Ornamental Plants

Kenanga Flowers

Canans may have not very nice petals. However, the combination of yellow color, green leaves, and the fragrance of ylang flowers are very strong and fragrant, making this flower still much loved by anyone. Usually, kenanga flowers are widely used as outdoor plants, but planted close to the windows, so that the fragrance of this canan’s flower can enter the room well.

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Those are some types of flower ornamental plants that can be your choice to add to your collection and beautify your home. in addition, there are many other ornamental plants that can be your choice.

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