Want to Be As Rich as Bill Gates? These Tips Are Useful for You!

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Who doesn’t know Bill Gates? We’ve all heard Bill Gates’ name, haven’t we? Bill Gates is the figure behind Microsoft Office and is named as the richest successful person in the world today. Well who wouldn’t want to be as rich as Bill Gates?

Everyone even exemplifies his success tips. From his history to his life’s journey in founding Microsoft. The man who decided to drop out of the world’s best campus, Harvard University already had a goal to found Microsoft.

Now what are the values that Bill Gates has always held in his life to success? So what does success mean according to someone as rich as Bill Gates. Let’s go directly to the point through the following information.

tips to be as rich as bill gates

1. What is displayed on the television screen is not real

Who still likes to envy the success of others? Not infrequently we feel insecure with our own potential. It’s none other than because we think too much of others get higher success.

As a result we are too focused on others. Whether they are successful and covered on television up to those who get success streaks. But Bill Gates addressed this differently.

What is shown on the television screen is not real. This means that everything that is in the screen view is not necessarily a real fact. You can’t judge someone’s success because it’s someone else’s privillege.

You can’t judge just from other people’s stories. Because everything will be different if you really follow the process. That way you become aware and can take real lessons.

Successful people are never instant. Therefore, if you want to learn from the process, try to see how others grow. If you can learn it, congratulations soon you’ll be great!

2. Take lessons from the failures you get

To be as rich as Bill Gates, have you ever wondered why he was willing to leave campus to build Microsoft? Even the world-class campus he left behind!

Eits if you just look at this story you’re wrong. Could you also intend to leave campus in order to emulate Bill Gates? Not necessarily guys. Look, Bill Gates left campus because he had a clear goal. What about you if so?

So what with the action will all go smoothly? Of course it’s never been so. Every now and then it’s okay if you want to celebrate your success. But the most important thing is to take lessons from every failure you get.

Because failure is the best learning for you. If you don’t fail, how can you feel the pain? How do you know what it’s like to bounce back? Therefore, appreciate every process you have.

Never stop just because you failed. Because we never know what happens in the future. It could be that you have a chance to succeed in a moment but instead you give up first. It’s a pity, isn’t it?

3. Success is a bad teacher

There are others who think that being as rich as Bill Gates is an ideal and a motivation in itself. Well, what exactly does your success mean? Don’t let the meaning of your own success be driven by the judgment of others yes.

According to Bill Gates, success makes smart people think they won’t be defeated. Success is a bad teacher. Remember that we are tested in sorrow and pleasure.

Not only are we given failure, we are also given pleasure and success in a field. Unknowingly that’s what makes us fall asleep. Finally we are off guard and reluctant to try again.

But are you sure the success you have achieved today can be maintained? When you feel successful, you get challenged. Well make no mistake!

Once you’re at the highest peak, don’t forget about it. Do not consider yourself the truest and become invincible. The truth is to keep learning and improving achievements.

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Continued success will surely be happy, right? Try to think about it in the long run.

Well that’s three successful tips for being as rich as Bill Gates. How, already inspired? Adding a new mindset for immediate action isn’t it? What does your success mean?

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