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Freelance Writing Tips

Following freelance creative writing tips in writing an article may not be difficult, for those who have often tried to become freelance writers. But, constraints will arise when we want to write a rewrite article where you have to follow the writing of other existing articles.

Writing an article for a freelance or freelance writer can be a lot of references, because the type of writing and tasks of a freelance writer vary not fixated on just one writing theme.

In writing, a freelance writer has an obstacle to writing something that someone else has written or contained in another article. Because, sometimes if there are similarities in the content of the sentence, it will be classified as a plagiarism. Therefore, there are some freelance writing tips so that you can develop in writing various types of writing that you want as follows.

Find Lots of References

Creative Writing Tips
Find Lots of References

A writer does have to read a lot and look for various references to writing. From the articles you want to know, to the articles you want to write based on tasks.

In fact, even a blogger has to develop how to write it if you want the content to look more interesting. References can also be from various ways or from many places, one of which is the number of websites or portals that present written content based on their respective fields. Enrich your vocabulary and word selection from the various articles you reference.

Choose a Niche That’s Mastered

Although as a freelance writer you have to master different types of writing from different niches, but for the first step choose the niche or field of writing that you like and master it completely.

For example, you like the culinary field or traveling, create a writing or article from the experience of undergoing the field or make a review or observation of a food or place in its own language. In freelance writing tips, you have to master all areas of writing.

Therefore, improve the way you write from writing the fields you are good at. When starting with another niche, first look at other types of articles according to the niche you’re studying. That way, you can know where to start where the writing isn’t in this field you’re good at.

Start From Unique Title

If you’re not confident with your writing, provoke your writing emotions by starting to create an interesting title. What is in the head as a title of the selected theme, you immediately write.

Once the writing is finished, there is still a chance to improve. However, according to freelance writing tips if you are already hooked with the uniqueness of the title then the words will flow just like that.

Outline Shape First

Writing outline shape
Outline Shape First

If you are indeed confused in forming a writing directly, it may be good to create a draft or writing framework. The function of the writing framework is directing to write stage by stage.

Once the outline is complete you can combine it into a sentence and a paragraph until an article is formed. This is the basis of freelance writing tips you need to know.

Create and Use Headings

Headings are something that can help you read good writing. In fact, using headings can make a differentiator for a writing from the writing being exemplified.

That way, there won’t be plagiarism on your article. Using headings makes the reader do not feel tired reading it, nor do they feel like quickly moving on to the next reading. Therefore, headings are very useful on rewrite articles only but also regular articles.

Don’t Write Using Spinner Tools

The last thing that can be used as a tip so that an article does not become plagiarism, is not to write on the spinner tools. Because, although it can get rewrite articles by using these tools but surely the article will not be a quality article.

Using Spinner makes a piece of writing or article stiff and sounds a bit strange, which is why the article becomes less qualified.

Get Used to Understanding Not Exemplifying

creative writing
Get Used to Understanding Not Exemplifying

In creating an article, if you want to see a reference writing understand correctly the content of the article. Especially if you want to create a rewrite article, don’t get used to modeling.

Because as a result there will be a plagiarism writing. But if you understand carefully what the intent of an article is, then you can smoothly write down the same content but with your own version. These new freelance writing tips are right.

Use Blogs To Learn

As a freelance writer, try practicing writing in a blog. By becoming a blogger, surely you will be trained in writing.

In addition, these freelance writing tips also apply to bloggers. Because the blog is the right container as an event for the formation of good writing, without having to fear wrong. Let readers rate, share all your writing with many people for viewing.

Avoid Plagiarism

The most important thing and should be very careful in creative writing tips ala freelance is to avoid plagiarism, the way as previously announced. That is, by getting used to understanding and not just exemplifying. Especially if you deliberately do plagiarism, meaning you have violated the code of ethics of an author.

Are you familiar with these tips, if you can certainly follow the theory and apply it to your article. if you follow the instructions of freelance writing tips correctly, you can be sure you can become a qualified freelance writer.

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