Want to Get Married in 2021? Make This Preparation

Married In 2021

Before thinking about the decision to marry in 2021, you should know that this is a serious and important step in life. In some cases, even getting married is one of the main goals for some people.

But some consider it not very important to hold a wedding. Some people still like their freedom to just enjoy their life or are still reluctant to think about it because they are busy with their work.

For those of you who are financially and mentally ready, establishing a relationship in a more serious direction is something you should do. However, since the Covid-19 Pandemic there is.

Many plans have to be delayed in advance, including plans to get married in 2021. There have been many cases of marriage cancellations that occurred in 2020, either because the event was abruptly canceled or just postponed. Many couples have finally chosen not to hold a wedding in 2020.

The main reason why this can happen is because since June 2020, the local government has given a ban on gathering or coming in groups. Eventually it impacted on special plan plans such as weddings and others. In addition to the gathering of people can lead to the intertwining of the virus, some consider that getting married during a pandemic can be detrimental to many parties.

The government itself warned that when one of the Indonesians held a wedding ceremony. There are a few things he must and must follow.

Not Inviting Many People Is Meaningless

Not Inviting Many People Is Meaningless
Not Inviting Many People Is Meaningless

Inviting people to enjoy the moment of happiness you share is a fun moment. You can start inviting some people such as, siblings, distant relatives, close relatives, elementary to college friends and even your home neighbors.

But instead this will be a homework for those of you who want to do or organize weddings at home. On a previous occasion the Government banned crowding.

Even some time ago the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Invetasasi said for the government should immediately implement tightening. This is because the case of Covid-19 itself, as of last October increased quite sharply.

For those of you who want to get married in 2021, maybe the option of virtual aara or hosting events that are minimalist you can use. To reduce the potential spread of the Covid-19 virus. You also now do not need to worry because considering the reduced visitors to your wedding that will cause less festive, because nowadays there are many vendors who provide services for the virtual event.

Reserve Plan When You Have a Plan to Get Married in 2021

Although later you will use a vendor for your virtual wedding event. You should also remember to have a backup plan. This is important if the original plan does not go well.

Like you plan to create an event with few guests. You have to give another plan when the family arrives in crowds. Because even though we’ve been told not to come at the same time, they could have had the wrong communication. Don’t forget to also prepare mentally to face any possibility of a failed event if it happens.

Making Restrictions on Travel Abroad

married in 2021
Making Restrictions on Travel Abroad

Since Covid-19 emerged, many countries have finally isolated their countries from receiving guests from abroad. Nor does it allow its citizens to travel abroad. Because it is very risky in the future.

This case you should think about too. Besides, you cannot invite relatives who are abroad to attend your wedding. You also can’t hold an overseas wedding or just plan a honeymoon.

Although after a year the government has started to loosen the rules. But as a good person, you should also pay attention to your health with your spouse as well as other family members. That’s why you need a backup plan to prepare for this situation. So, if you want to get married in 2021, it’s best not to honeymoon abroad this year.

2021 Wedding Budget Preparations

2021 Wedding Budget Preparations
2021 Wedding Budget Preparations

Although in the future you will only create events that few people attend. It’s not that you don’t consider the cost well. You also need to set up a plan that looks more flexible.

Although the virtual wedding budget looks cheaper than the usual wedding. However it is very vulnerable to arrive you can spawn additional costs. So you have to have and provide an emergency budget for the sake of uncertain circumstances.

Cancel Event Risk

As we already know before that the government itself has set a new rule on visitor restrictions. The risk that the event could suddenly cancel is a risk that we cannot predict that will not happen.

Government regulations on restrictions on the implementation of activities in the middle of this Pandemic will still change because of the condition and state of The Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, the bride-to-be should need to prepare and anticipate in case of cancellation or just a delay in the plan to marry in 2021.

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Keep in mind to keep selecting the vendors who received the option on event cancellation. This is so that the funds that you have prepared far in the day can be returned. Or at least look for vendors who can accept event delays or event changes arriving.

It’s worth remembering even if the event will be canceled later or it should be delayed. You don’t have to feel disappointed because this is an unpredictable disaster. Some of the above can be considered before you finally hold a wedding in 2021. But the most important thing is that you already have to be mentally and financially prepared for a more serious tier.

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Make sure you both have done a thorough preparation. Communication is also the main thing to establish a relationship. If you are already planning to get married in 2021, make sure you have the support of your family and those closest to you.

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