Easy Ways to Distinguish Types of Flour

Easy Ways to Distinguish Types of Flour

At first glance, all flour looks the same. But it turns out there are many types of flour and of course different functions. Wrong choice of type of flour, of course the results of cooking so less maximal.

If you have been confused to distinguish the types of flour, then here we will share the information for all of you.

Here’s how to easily distinguish the type of flour:

Easy Ways to Distinguish Types of Flour
Types of Flour

1. Wheat Flour

Wheat flour includes flour that is widely used for the main ingredients of cakes, noodles, cakes, and salt. Did you know if wheat flour is made from wheat,

Wheat species are divided again into three, namely:

  • High protein wheat (more elastic and easy to expand, for bread ingredients, noodles)
  • Medium protein wheat (for fermented dough, for example: doughnuts, bakpau, cake, bapel, onde-onde, and others) and,
  • Low protein wheat (to make pastries, pastels,fried foods, and more). Tips and How to Cook Pearl sago So As Not to Crumble And Ripen Perfectly

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2. Rice flour and glutinous flour

This flour is in accordance with its name, which is made from rice or glutinous. Both are commonly used to make snacks or market snacks, for example: for rice flour for powder, nagasari, lapis, fried coating, and others. For glutinous flour for ingredients to make wingko, shake, and others.

3. Sago Flour

Sago flour is made from the essence of sago tree trunks that are chewy so that it is widely used for meatballs, pempek, tofu meatballs, bika ambon, and others. How to Fry Potatoes To Be Crispy and Not Mushy.

4. Hunkwee Flour

Hunkwe flour is made from green bean essence which is often used as an ingredient to make traditional cakes whose texture is soft and chewy, mislanya: cendol, nagasari, sweet beautiful cake, and bsia is also used as a mixture of fried coatings.

5. Tapioca Flour

Tapioca flour is made from cassava essence or yam that has a chewy texture. Usually used for a mixture of meatballs, corn omelets, green bean porridge mixtures, and other cakes.

6. Cornstarch

Corn flour or cornstarch is made from corn essence which is widely used as a blend with wheat flour. Its function is to soften the texture of the cake, chew the pastry and thicken soups, sauces, and others.

7. Panir Flour

Panir flour or bread flour is a crack of the bread that is coarsely textured so that the frying becomes crispy textured, quickly ripening and does not absorb oil. Types of food that usually use panir teopung, namely: nuggets, croquettes, chicken, udnag, and others.

8. Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is flour made from whole wheat seeds. Not only the meat of the seeds / bran is ground, but also the skin ari / endosperm and the core of the seed / germ.

That’s why wheat flour contains more nutrients than wheat flour. As for the color of wheat flour, it looks brownish-white. The texture of wheat flour tastes rougher when compared to wheat flour.

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But make no mistake, this is precisely what makes wheat flour has high fiber. Wheat flour is best consumed when running a diet program instead of rice. This is because wheat flour lasts longer in the body, making us more energized and not easily hungry.

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