How to Know Someone Is Lying

How to Know Someone Is Lying

Lying is already a habit of man to avoid the problems that are afflicting him. but sometimes lying also has a good nature in it such as lying to save others from people who will hurt him from evil and so on.

But lying is very much a bad thing and a little makes the good of everyone who lies will tend to further lie.

Therefore avoid and never do so that life and personality become more mature to live the life of someone who always lies just as he is not strong to face the problems experienced and will never fix himself for it stop lying and fix himself.

There are several ways to know someone is lying or not and this way is very effective for those of you who want to know about all the personalities of friends or people closest to you. for that please learn the following so that your knowledge of the personality of a person increases and this is the characteristic of someone lying.

How to Know Someone Is Lying

Some of the traits of someone lying

1. Eye contact,A person who lies will tend to avoid eye contact and always point the direction of view up or sideways. for that if you want to see someone lie look him in the eye deeply but do not corner. if he lies then his gaze cannot be reciproced perfectly but if he does not lie then he will look you in the eye deeply.

2. Smile forced,If someone who lies when given a question that he is lying then will give a fake smile or forced like grinning. between smile and fear. therefore give him a cornering question and can make him laugh so that we can know how he forms to smile.

3. Gestures,we can also see someone lying through gestures. because it would be very difficult to read the facial posture that basically every human being uses the mask of his life for it to notice how his body movements react. whether scratching his head swaying or not if his body is shaking and moving hands to scratch his head then he lies.

4. How to speak,listen clearly to how he speaks because speaking we can observe whether he is lying or not usually when someone is lying he will talk about something that is absurd and difficult to understand. then he would talk had a lot of pause time and was ninging less smoothly than usual.

5. Retell,ask someone to retell what you think he lied about. then you can observe a lie that he keeps. because someone who lies will not remember what he once talked about tends to speak only but does not know the direction of the conversation is clear.

6. Topic of conversation,focus on one topic of conversation try to see if he always wants to shift the topic of conversation. when a person who lies will tend to be uncomfortable with a topic of disturbation concerning him and as if he is tormented by the conversation that is being talked about. for that pay attention to whether he always wants to divert the dising if he means he is lying.

7. Nervous,someone who lies will give a nervous or obscure effect of the feeling he is feeling in the sense of uneasy and restless. therefore notice if he is agitated and let out a cold sweat if he tries to hold his hand will definitely feel cold and he is nervous and agitated if he lies.

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Those are some of the ways you can see someone lying or not. and these traits are a common form of personality and can be seen if someone is lying. pay attention and give him a direction but do not corner him. If a liar is cornered then he will repeat this evil again. So give him a motivation to progress.

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