How Women Judge Men

how women rate men

How Do Women Judge Men?

As for how to judge a guy in terms of appearance it is very influential in choosing a life partner. As people say the person’s appearance will describe his personality. Starting from walking, dressing or how to talk to someone.

In fact, the guy is a girl’s take. Because, now almost the number of girls is much more than the number of guys. But that doesn’t mean girls have to accept that without seeing who they’re actually.

Here are some criteria in assessing guys in terms of appearance:

  • Her toenails and hands are always short (cut) and clean. This is the first and fore master sign to look out for first. Because from this sign is reflected the nature of him who is clean and loves the Sunnah of his Prophet. A guy usually at least once a week (every Friday) has to keep his nails clean and beautiful. Otherwise, if there is a guy whose nails are long, looks like he is lazy or vice versa just make a style.
  • How to dress. Usually a guy who has a clean and tidy personality is also seen from the way he dresses. She always looks clean and clothes are neat. But some guys have flaws in terms of body. Most of us are not endowed with a perfect physique. Some men are tall and thin, some are short and fat in the middle. Whatever your imperfections, there must be a certain style of dress that fits.

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By knowing which dress style, what color, and what item best suits your body type, you can hide your flaws without overwork.

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