WFH More Comfortable With These Ornamental Plants

WFH More Comfortable With This Ornamental Plant

WFH or work from home is an effort related to government policy regarding the Covid-19 pandemic that is getting worse every day. The government is providing a new policy to limit any activity that requires direct contact with others.

For office people or educator workers, the term WFH is no longer a new term. The term appears in conjunction with government policy to reduce the number of Covid-19 transmissions.

WFH Is More Productive With This Plant

WFH or Work From Home is an activity when you do work from home without the need to do it or travel outside. This government program took effect after President Joko Widodo in one of his press conferences said that starting may 15, 2020, all office work or education affairs must be from home. This is to prevent the spread of more viruses.

Over time many people end up complaining because working from home makes an uncomfortable and boring impression. However, did you know that you can change your room or house to be cooler and more comfortable so that the implementation of WFH can be done well?

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One of the supporting factors to make the room look cool and comfortable is to add suitable ornamental plants. There are several types of plants that can be an option for you.

1. Rubber Plant, Beautiful Room Decoration

Rubber Plant or Rubber Plant is a plant that comes from the country of India. This plant is able to provide moisture in the room where WFH. The more leaves, the more oxygen production will be. The plant can also eliminate and reduce carbon monoxide, trichloroethylene and other chemicals present in the room.

To take care of it, you just need to put it on the side of the room that you feel exposed to a lot of sunlight. Don’t forget to give him water when the soil has dried up to keep it moist.

2. Weeping Fig, Suitable To Accompany WFH

Weeping Fig Ornamental Plants
Weeping Fig, Suitable To Accompany WFH

People often refer to it as banyan tree is a fir tree that has wide leaves. This tree is usually commonly found in tropical or subtropical climates, but usually people often plant it as an ornamental plant in your home or office. This tree has a fairly good tolerance for room conditions that do not produce too much sunlight\

Weeping Fig is one of the popular plants, this plant is able to improve the quality of cool air in the room. It can also remove harmful indoor toxins such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene.

To take care of it you simply water this plant regularly let alone a summer time whose temperature will be hotter than usual. Place this plant indoors with medium light only to be able to absorb sunlight perfectly

3. Mini Palm, Contemporary Unique Decoration

Palm is a plant that actually originated from the Tropical American mainland. Palm is a plant that has a small stoma that is useful to absorb carbon dioxide and then produce oxygen. The larger the surface of the leaves, the more oxygen they will produce.

This tree is not only an ornamental tree, palm trees can also make a kind of small indoor rainforest that can make your home feel cooler when the temperature or weather is hot.

4. Tongue-in-Law, Strong Little Plant

Tongue-in-law, Strong Little Ornamental Plant
Tongue-in-Law, Strong Little Plant

This plant in scientific language named Sansevieria is an ornamental plant that has a high level of popularity. Their popularity because of this plant can make the house where you do WFH become more shady.

Even this plant can grow in conditions that are not much water as well as sunlight. Generally the tongue-in-law has a hard leaf texture, upright with tapered ends.

In addition to being an ornamental plant, apparently the leaves can nourish the hair, treat diseases such as sugar disease, hemorrhoids even to malignant cancer. This plant is usually useful to eliminate unpleasant odors in the furniture of the house in the room.

5. Aloe Vera, Multipurpose Plant

Aloe vera is already the most common plant you hear. In addition to its benefits to treatment to overcome problems such as insect bites or burns on the skin. Apparently this plant also has the benefit to provide moisture to the room during WFH.

In its leaves it has a high moisture content on each leaf. The water content can be released into cold water vapor to become an air humidifier in the room. Not until there, aloe vera is also signaled to help eliminate benzene and formaldehyde in the air.

For the treatment you just need to put it on the side of the room that has a fair amount of sunlight. You can also water this plant periodically in the month of the month with hot weather or summer.

6. Golden Pothos, Can Improve Mood During WFH

This plant is often referred to as Epipremnum aureum which is famous for having quite lush heart-shaped leaves. It originates from the French Polynesia region. It is famous for being one of the plants that can moisturize the air ideally.

Scientists and experts say that this plant has been tested to eliminate air pollution in the room such as formaldehyde, xylene, benzene and carbon monoxide.

It has a high tolerance to rooms that have low light or low water conditions. However, it also has leaves that are considered toxic especially if it is around an invasive tropical environment.

7. Lili Paris, the Beauty who Makes a Warm Atmosphere

Lilies Paris ornamental plants
Lili Paris, the Beauty Who Makes a Warm Atmosphere

This plant has another name which is spider plant. This plant is known to be a type of plant that can grow easily. It also has a function to cool the surrounding environment. Not only that, it can also absorb all the toxins that are in the room during WFH.

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This plant can grow in a room that has semi-shady light and taking care of it is considered easy because it only needs a mixture of dried pots and regular watering especially when the weather is hot.

The plants above not only make your room look beautiful, but can also be used to create coolness in the room.

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