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Tips to Create a "Work Life Balance"

Maintaining a work-life balance is sometimes an easy case. Not a few employees with messy working hours forget the time for themselves. Especially in a pandemic time like now. Giving your best for the job is important. But that doesn’t mean having to lose time for a personal life.

The Importance of Work Life Balance

Achieving work-life balance conditions is ideal for most workers. Increasing the need and intense work competence sometimes forces a person to work hard enough to get the most out of it. Not infrequently, this actually results in workers more easily stricken with diseases, lack of time for families, even the money they make is just exhausted to reduce the stress felt.

Not much of a choice, indeed. Especially the people who work in the capital to support the current conditions. In fact, achieving work-life balance is important for a more quality life. By achieving work-life balance, you can be more productive and explore hobbies or abilities outside of work. This will make you happier at work.

Tips to Create Work Life Balance

Tips to Create Work Life Balance
Tips to Create Work Life Balance

For those of you who are still having trouble managing time, or who feel time wasted just to work, it may be necessary to pay attention to these effective work life balance tips.

1. Create Time Rules for Leaving Work

Don’t forget to know each other’s work limits. This is good practice because it gives yourself a deadline to get the job done.

That way, work can be more productive and efficient. It is less likely to return to work outside of the specified time limit. Tell your colleagues about the deadline. This is to keep them from bothering you outside of working hours. At the same time this way can create a healthy scope of work.

Tell colleagues about time limits to keep them from bothering us outside of business hours. At the same time can create a healthy scope of work.

2. Give Me Time For Yourself

Me Time is just as important as work time, time for friends, even family. Me special time or time for yourself this can bring happiness.

When someone feels happy, anything automatically feels better. Whether it’s about work, family, or home. Give yourself time to take a nap, play games, relax massage, staycation, or anything else that can make yourself happy.

3. Work Life Balance By Avoiding Multitasking

Work Life Balance By Avoiding Multitasking
Work Life Balance By Avoiding Multitasking

Many people think that doing multitasking works is more efficient and saves time. Although multitasking is actually exhausting, and often the attention paid to each job is not 100 percent.

Instead of multitasking, it’s better to set a strategy. For example, you want to do a new hobby, but also want to take the time to exercise and meet friends.

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Get it all in one way, which is to invite friends to participate in doing a sport that has never been tried. Examples of Cycling or Roller Skates.

4. Create Weekly Social Events

Weekly social events can help work life balance. In the midst of a pandemic, what can be an option is to hold a virtual meeting. Invite friends or family to meet virtually and share stories. Schedule these meetings regularly every week.

5. Do Hobbies

Research proves, working on hobbies or activities you like can help maintain mental health and reduce stress. In turn, it provides a number of benefits such as strengthening relationships with others and improving careers. If you don’t know what you want to do, try volunteering. Helping others is a great step to give you inner peace.

This method keeps a person connected to others outside of work, enjoys better life satisfaction, and lowers psychological stress.

6. Turn Off Notifications

There are times when the work can’t be completed on time. It is possible to finish it on vacation, but do not make it a habit. In addition, try to be selfish by turning off all notifications during the holiday weekend or when away. Try not to check your email or contact your colleagues. Save your laptop and move away from work.

For work life balance, do not also work early. For example work for Monday finishes Sunday. That method can actually cause fatigue. Instead, try trusting your abilities, skills, and coworkers to get the job done on time.

7. Be Selective

Selective attitudes in the work environment are indispensable for implementing work-life balance. If the corporate culture is employees have to work overtime and even on weekends, it is very difficult to get a work-life balance. If it doesn’t seem to fit the principles and overwhelm you, then look for a company that can give you a work-life balance.

Work-Life Balance in the Millennial Era

Work-Life Balance in the Millennial Era
Work-Life Balance in the Millennial Era

According to Forbes, for millennials, work-life balance is related to a person’s ability to fulfill a lifestyle through work done. In addition, lifestyle fulfillment affects their happiness levels. That’s why millennials tend to look for careers that can fulfill their lifestyle.

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Thus the discussion about work life balance. Everything that is excessive and lame is not good. Including too much work, or excessive rest.

Excessive work can make yourself fall and relationships with people around are also falling apart. Excessive rest will also make your tasks and responsibilities unresolved, even making you lose your job. Stay productive and don’t forget to rest, yes!

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