New Year’s New Spirit, Here Are the Habits You Should Build in 2021

New Year's New Spirit

Entering the beginning of the year, are you ready with a resolution in the new year 2021? There is no denying that most of the targets to be achieved in 2020 are delayed due to the pandemic. It’s not wrong if you choose to use the same target as 2020.

However, you actually need to modify it again. New Year’s new spirit. Surely this spirit is the spirit to learn new science, build new habits better than years ago.

For that, what are the habits that you must build in 2021? Besides being useful, the following skills are also useful as a form of adaptation from the pandemic years ago. Let’s check it out!

Starting The Beginning of the New Year, Let’s Learn New Skills Every Month

If the previous year you have a lot of lying down and only follow the activities online only, starting this new year let’s plan all your activities. In other words, although still online, but the activity is clearly the goal.

Not just a regular activity, but look for new skills every time. By designing the skills you want to learn, at the end of the year you will definitely enjoy the results of your study.

Well actually what skills are your considerations in choosing? You can choose your skills according to the profession you want to achieve. Let’s say you want to be a digital marketer. Learn the science starting from social media marketing such as Instagram and then penetrate into Facebook, YouTube, and so on.

Remember, learn gradually and focus. Master one skill every month and will continue to grow in the next month. However, staying consistent in practicing the knowledge that you can be the key to keep the skill.

New Year’s Start Habits: Reading At Least One Book Every Month

Everyone would agree that books are a repository of science. While reading is our bridge to explore the entire world. As a result there is a lot of knowledge that we get from reading, just sitting with a focus on reading materials only.

Therefore, starting in the new year 2021, let’s start reading at least one book every month. One book is the lightest amount. For the preading, you don’t have to choose a book that’s thick with heavy language. Choose a light book with topics you like.

That way, you will enjoy the process of absorption of knowledge through reading. You can finally maintain this habbit and finally add more books every month. It’s fun, isn’t it?

Don’t Forget To Exercise To Build a Healthy Lifestyle Since New Year 2021

If in the pandemic last year you were lying down a lot, starting the new year try to do more healthy activities. Indeed, doing activities at home forces us to do everything from home alone.

However, this does not mean that you are lying down and only facing the computer screen. Instead try to start a normal lifestyle again, such as exercising. By getting used to exercising, your body health becomes more awake.

Start from light exercise such as jogging in the morning or cycling. This sport doesn’t force you to take much time. However, do it flexibly according to your busy life. The most important thing is to build this habbit so you can get used to it again.

Setting Aside Money for Investment

Smart tips on managing finance
Saving early in any condition can help overcome future financial problems

Financials in 2020 are deeply disrupted. We must be able to survive in the middle of the plague. Not only that, declining income makes the family’s finances have to be suppressed, based only on a very urgent need.

However, slowly the economy recovered. To maintain this, personal finances must also be saved. The trick is to start setting aside at least 10% of salary for investment. Nowadays there are many safe investment ways that you can choose.

Learn Everything Related to Technology

As the years go by, human abilities are also bound to increase. If you don’t want to be out of date, master technology. Because, throughout the ages ahead, technology will always be related to human life.

It’s like saying, if you miss technology, you’re going to get hit by the times, like you don’t know anything. Imagine if this happened, you would be isolated and confused if the people around you had walked so far.

Therefore, skills related to technology must be mastered. Whether it’s about using basic apps, or social media. You should always keep up with the latest updates and news in order to be able to adjust the times.

Finally, in this New Year, Improve Communication and Work in Teams

Other important skills are communication and team work. These two things will be much needed in life, especially the world of work. Especially if still working online, the delivery of information must be able to be received clearly through good communication.

Now to be able to form this skill, you can apply the habit to practice public speaking. Take a chance if time allows you to speak publicly, such as during a presentation.

In addition, build habits to work with teams. For example, by being able to hear other people’s opinions, provide constructive input, provide creative solutions, and so on.

New year new spirit, positive habits should also be updated and added. Through the application of these habits, be optimistic that you will get better in the new year.

Focus on the things you are able to control, which is that everything in you, is still under your control. Moreover, adapt as needed and look for the best alternatives. Hopefully it will help.

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