10 Minutes In Space, Jeff Bezos Is More Convinced to Make Space Tourism

Jeff Bezos Space Tourism

The richest man on earth Jeff Bezos managed to air into space for 10 minutes and 10 seconds. Bezos glided about 66.5 miles (107 km) in the Texas desert using a New Shepard rocket from Blue Origin on Tuesday (7/20/2021).

The suborbital flight became a historic moment as it ushered humans into a new era of space tourism. On his flight, Jeff Bezos took three other passengers before returning to Earth.

He was with his brother Mark Bezos, an 82-year-old retired pilot named Wally Funk and the youngest an 18-year-old named Oliver Daemen. Oliver Daemen himself was the son of a businessman who was paid by his father to become the first paid passenger of Blue Origin.

On that flight into space, Jeff Bezos and the three other crew members also felt about 3 minutes of drifting at zero gravity. Bezos revealed they had been toying with throwing candy into the air and catching it back using his mouth. The 57-year-old admits hovering at zero gravity feels very different than he imagined.

“Zero-G is certainly not the same as I thought. But moving in such a condition feels natural, not what I expected,” Bezos said.

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In addition, he also hopes blue origin can be the foundation for the next generation in the future to realize his idea of moving heavy industry and damaging the environment into space. He also realized that his dream might take decades to come true.

“So we can keep the planet as it is, not damage it, which unfortunately we’re probably going to do,” Bezos said.

Founded in 2000, Jeff Bezos says Blue Origin was the first manned space flight. It is also an effort to develop a fleet of reusable spacecraft.

Blue Origin also plans to make two other flights this year. Bezos also said demand for flights into space is very high. It is estimated to cost US$ 100 million as the price of a single ticket airs.

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