4 Impacts of Recession in the UK: People cut back on food rations and volunteer to become prostitutes to meet the cost of living

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The recession in the UK is forcing citizens to deal with the soaring cost of living, not least rising electricity and other energy tariffs, including gas.

This recession occurred due to the increase in energy prices due to the Russian and Ukrainian wars, the UK’s policy to leave the European Union aka Brexit and inflation that occurred after the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of the impacts of the recession in the UK that citizens are experiencing:

4 Impact of Recession in the UK

1. Cut back on food to pay for electricity

Millions of people in the UK are going without food to pay their electricity bills due to the country’s energy crisis. according to The Guardian, Friday (23/9/2022), based on the Money Advice Trust report, it is estimated that 20% of adults in the UK or 10.9 million people are in arrears with electricity bills. This figure is up 45% since last March.

In addition, according to the Opinium survey, as many as 5.6 million citizens are willing to reduce their food rations due to the crisis in the UK. This includes eating once a day, skipping meals or even not eating at all for several days.

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2. Selling Personal Items to Save Money

Opinium also reported that due to the recession in the UK, nearly 8 million people have had to sell their personal belongings in order to survive.

3. Students Can’t Afford Lunch

The recession in the UK has also affected school students. Some school principals in the country reported children chewing rubber or hiding in parks during recess because they could not afford lunch. As reported by The Guardian, a child at a school in Lewisham was even caught pretending to eat from an empty lunch box because he did not get free food from the school. He is also said to have pretended to eat because he didn’t want his friends to know that there was no food in his house.

“We heard cases of children who were so hungry that they ate rubber at school. Children are also coming in who haven’t eaten anything since receiving lunch the day before. The government has to do something,” said Naomi Duncan, Chief Executive Officer of Chefs in Schools.

“This is very sad for our chefs. [para koki] They actively go out and find children hiding in the playground because they think they can get food, and then (the chefs) give the food to the children,” he continued.

4. Many women are willing to become prostitutes

Many women are willing to become sex workers to make ends meet in the midst of this crisis.

“The cost of living is now forcing women into sex work in various ways, whether on the street or virtually,” said Niki Adams, spokesperson for the English Collective of Prostitutes organization.

“What we see today is people working there out of desperation.”

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The Evening Standard also says there was a one-third increase in the number of requests for help from the English Collective of Prostitutes in the summer of 2022.

The English Collective of Prostitutes is an underground organization for prostitutes in the UK. The organization has a support network in various UK cities that aims to teach commercial sex workers how to keep themselves safe.

Adams said that not only did the recession make new women choose to work as prostitutes, it also caused people who had left the job to return.

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