7 Charms of Madam Pang, The Agile and Charming Thai National Team Manager

7 Charms of Madam Pang, The Agile and Charming Thai National Team Manager

Timnas Thailand menang telak atas Indonesia pada laga pertama final Piala AFF 2020 dengan skor 4-0. Nualphan Lamsam alias Madam Pang yang merupakan manajer timnas Thailand pun tidak luput dari perhatian netizen. Seperti apa pesona Madame Pang?

In Indonesia, women participating in the world of football does not seem to be considered a common thing. Therefore, netizens were quite surprised to find out that the manager of the War Elephant Team was a woman. Curious about Madam Pang’s charm? Check out the article!


Madam Pang stole the attention of netizens one of them because she became the only woman sitting on the bench of the Thai national team.

In addition to being the manager of the War Elephant Team, Madam Pang was also a politician. He was a member of the Democratic Party and was assistant secretary general of the party from 2006 to 2016.

Madam Pang is an accomplished businessman.

It looks like Nualphan Lamsam is a very multitalented woman. He shone in sports, politics and business. In the business field, he became president and CEO of Muang Thai Life Assurance which is known to be one of the giant insurance companies in Thailand. In addition, he is a member of the Lamsam family, the owner of Kasikorn Bank.

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A wealth of experience in the world of football

The shining career of Madam Pang in the field of football can not be separated from the many experiences that she has. In 2015, he bought Thai League club Port FC and then served as club president.

Madam Pang becomes manager of thailand national team

Her career as manager of the War Elephant Team began when she successfully delivered the Thai women’s national team to the World Cup round in 2015 and 2019. Later, he was entrusted to become the manager of the Thailand U-23 national team.

Not stopping there, the Football Federation of Thailand (FAT) chose him as manager of the Thai national team in August 2021. Finally, he now doubles the positions in two national teams.

Likes to Give Bonuses

His success as a manager can not be separated from the motivation he conveyed to the Thai national team. He is known to like to give bonuses.

In fact, he has prepared a bonus of 26 million baht or around Rp11.1 billion if the Thai national team wins the 2020 AFF Cup.

Madam Pang Is a Highly Educated Woman

Diketahui, wanita dengan paras menawan ini lulusan dari salah satu universitas bergengsi dan tertua di Thailand, yakni Universitas Chulalongkorn. Ia juga meraih gelar master di Universitas Boston dengan jurusan Manajemen.

Distributor of Luxury Goods

In some of his photos, he is seen carrying a Hermes bag. As it turns out, he was one of Hermes’ distributors and an early importer of designer labels in his country.

Well, that’s the charm of Madam Pang who is an accomplished woman, a reliable businessman, firm and certainly beautiful!

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