About the Royal Vault, the ‘Mysterious’ British Royal Cemetery

Royal Vault

The remains of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were laid to rest in the Royal Vault before being moved to the King George Memorial Chapel located in Windsor, England, on Monday (19/9/2022). At the procession in St. George’s Chapel, the queen’s casket was lowered to the ground floor, where the Royal Vault is located.

It is a crypt-like cemetery in St. George’s Chapel that is closed to the public. There, the bodies of three kings, several queens, 15 princes and several princesses of the British Empire rest.

It was built by order of King George III between 1804-1810 and was first used to bury his daughter, Princess Amelia, who died in 1810.

A decade later, King George III died and was buried there. Other later kings, such as George IV and William IV are also buried there.

Because it is closed to the public, little is known about the Royal Vault. In fact, the British media only listed the Royal Vault as being located four meters below St. Goerge’s Chapel. According to reports, the place is a 21-meter-long by 8-meter-wide passage and can hold 44 crates.

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According to Firstpost, 31 of the crates were on top of a rocky shelf, while the other 12 were placed in the center of the room. The entire room is covered in stone and is 213 meters long and 8.5 meters wide.

Up until now, the only access the public could see to the Royal Vault was in the middle of the service room of St. George’s Chapel.

Why isn’t Queen Elizabeth II buried in the Royal Vault?

After a long procession, Queen Elizabeth II was finally buried at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, on Monday (9/19/2022) afternoon local time. After the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, the coffin of her husband, Prince Philip, was also moved. Prince Philip passed away in April 2021 and was laid to rest in the Royal Vault. The kingdom then moved him to be back with his wife.

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But, why is Queen Elizabeth II who led the British Empire for 70 years not buried in the Royal Vault?

Over time, the burial place for members of the British Royal family was used less and less due to space limitations. Some of the bodies that were previously buried there have been moved to other cemeteries.

At St. George VI Chapel, apart from being with her husband, Elizabeth II’s body was also laid to rest with her parents, King George VI and Queen Mother Queen Elizabeth.

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