Sriwijaya Air SJ-182 Aircraft Has 59 Passengers, Five Children

Sriwijaya Air SJ-I82 Aircraft Has 59 Passengers, Five Children

Sriwijaya Air flight SJ-182 reportedly lost contact after taking off from Soetta Airport, Jakarta near 14 hours. 36 Wib with the aim of Pontianak reportedly picked up many passengers.

Basarnas informs the plane began to lose contact at 14 o’clock. 47 P.M. The plane was carrying 59 passengers, five of them children and one toddler.

In other data, the plane crashed and crashed near Lancang Island, Kepulauan Seribu, North Jakarta. At this time the search team is still carrying out the evacuation process.

Indonesian National Army (TNI) Navy (NAVY) Deploys 7 KRI Search for Srwijaya Air SJ-182 Aircraft That Crashed

The Indonesian National Army deployed seven Indonesian Warships to help with the search for the Sriwijaya Air plane with flight number SJ-182 that crashed near the waters of the Thousand Islands.

” Kri factor deployed from the Ranks of Koarmada I and Lantamal III, KRI-driven is, KRI Gili Manuk Bay

( onboard Kopaska Squad), KRI Kurau, KRI Parang, KRI Teluk Cirebon, KRI Tjiptadi, KRI Cucut-866, KRI Tengiri,” said a written explanation of the Angatan Laut Information Service, Saturday ( 9 / 1).

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Not only KRI, The Indonesian National Army (TNI) Navy (NAVY) also deployed 2 sea riders from Kopaska and 2 tugboats are TD. Galunggung and Malabar. Not only that, the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Navy (NAVY) also prepared heli Nbell 412 EP HU 4205 onboard KRI Bontang. Jict Jakarta dock berth position is ready to support SAR Surgery.

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