Netizen Emotions, South Korean TV Station ‘MBC’ Humiliates Indonesia In Opening Broadcast of 2020 Olympics

MBC Humiliates Indonesia in Opening Broadcast of 2020 Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been taking place since Friday (7/23/2021). The opening ceremony of the largest sporting event was held at the New National Stadium in Shinjuku, Japan, and received highlights from all countries around the world including South Korea. One of south Korean television, MBC also broadcast the opening when the Olympic flame was lit in the stadium.

However, their broadcast became the talk of the world. Mbc’s opening of the Olympics was controversial after being accused of providing racist and disrespectful information. Here’s the chronology.

1. Starting From The Opening

MBC was one of the TV stations that also broadcast the procession carrying olympic flames as it toured 20 cities. In the opening session of the event, TV stations generally include a description in advance to introduce each country participating in the Olympics. However, munhwa Broadcasting Corporation’s TV station was controversial.

They introduced several countries with symbols and information that offended many parties. As the Indonesian contingent began to enter the opening parade area, they highlighted the face of Nurul Akmal who is a Rio Waida weightlifter and surfer.

In addition, they also introduced Indonesia as the country with the most positive cases of COVID-19 in the world. Not stopping there, they also alluded to low GDP.

“Little information about Indonesia, the largest island nation in the world. The 4th most populous country in the world, has a low GDP, low vaccination. And 6% of the population is infected with COVID-19,” mbc’s statement read.

2. MBC Displays An Inappropriate Map

Not only do they describe Indonesia as the country with the highest COVID-19 infection and low GDP and vaccination, they also misrepresented a map of Indonesia. When displaying a map of Indonesia, the location point instead leads to a map of Neighboring Countries.

3. Other Countries Are Also Victims

Similar cases were also experienced by other countries. The TV station introduced the Republic of the Marshall Islands that the country was the result of a nuclear test.

“it is a nuclear test site for the United States,”mbc’s statement read.

Then there is Italy depicted with pizza, as well as China with a map photo of wuhan region which is the location of the corona virus in the world. The TV station, which was founded in 1969, also offended Romania by describing it as using a dracula face. In addition, Turkey was also introduced by posting a photo of US rapper Cardi B.

Sontak only, it angered the citizens. Because MBC introduces South Korea very differently.

4. Meet South Korea

MBC describes some countries as less pleasant, but that does not apply to their own countries. They instead used a photo of one of the popular boy bands, BTS. In fact, South Korea also does not escape the world’s problems.

From World Health Organization (WHO) data, South Korea has an alarming gender gap that ranks 117th out of 142. Quoting from Channel News Asia, digital sexual crimes from intimate images or videos circulated without permission are a major problem in the country.

5. MBC Apology

Related to the incident, the TV station finally apologized and admitted its mistake for offending a number of countries that participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“We apologize to some countries and audiences. MBC used inappropriate images and titles during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on July 23, 2021. We sincerely apologize to several countries and viewers,” mbc’s written statement read.

They claimed the images and captions aimed to make it easier for spectators to understand the country’s rapid entry during the opening parade of the Olympics. But they claim there are shortcomings in considering the relevant countries.

“We MBC have ruined the broadcast of the Olympics that should be the unifying of the world in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic on earth. Again, I bow my head and apologize,” he continued.

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